Pressure off

Since we were given up for dead, possible new coach being discussed, the men have been playing much much better. Maybe the pressure is off and they could just go out and play ball. Not a lot of the tightness, scared to make a mistake, just playing ball. Plus, for the most part, kids learning what they can and can’t do. Learning their roles. Gabe at times still thinks he’s a shooter, but as Klein pointed out today numerous times, when he played his role he was an asset on the court. Good to see them let loose and have some fun.

They have been hot shooting the ball starting with the Kentucky game. That is all. Just like the ladies. You put the ball in the basket, especially threes, not have dead spells, you can win any game.

You guys think too much about coaches. This is a simple game won and lost by the players.

If Klein was coaching this team Gabe, Adrio and Harris wouldn’t be jacking shots up like they are. When these 3 our up a shot just count it as a turnover.

Agaisnt Bama.
Gabe, Adrio and Harris
FG. 3’s. FT’s. Points.
2/14. 0/3. 5/6. 9

When the team shot
FG. 3’s. FT. Points
27/51. 9/17. 10/12. 73.

Gabe and Adrio should rebound together they had. 2 darn rebounds. Harris had 4.
Pretty rough to stomach a comment from Klein when he would sit any player that can’t throw the ball in the ocean and continues to jack up bricks. Those 2 don’t need to shot the ball’. They don’t need to play 18 to 20 minutes apiece either.
To top it off it’s the last regular season game and neither one of these guys blocked anybody out to keep them from getting about back. Heck Gabe is so focused on trying to take a charge he picks up fouls when guards come into the lane instead of jumping up and blocking the shot. CMA should play and develop Chaney he can block shots and steal the ball and he is capable of finishing around the rim. He rebounds too!
Check out box scores from this season and you may be amazed at just how bad they shoot the ball. That’s why they are so WIDE OPEN! Our opponents are doubling Gafford and Joe. If those 2 are on the floor at the same time the offense stalls. They have killed rally’s all year and allows teams to go on runs. Adrio and his defense allowed Texas a wide open 3 point shot to send that game to OT! I don’t see their contribution like other people do!

Well, as you explained the reason they are wide open is because they have shown that they are not making jump shots. But what are they supposed to do when the other three are well covered? If they to drive to the hoop and lane is not open, they are going to throw up a wild shot and we will criticize them for that.

My thoughts are that Adrio and Harris not take three pointers but take midrange jump shots if they are open. Harris can usually hit that and Adrio once in a while. It is Gabe that should take no shots if you want to restrict anyone from taking shots.

On three pointers, it seems to me that Harris does not release the shot quickly. It seems to sit in his hands much longer and he ends up aiming it rather than shooting it, usually a shot that like will end up short. I am hoping he will correct that.

I’m sure Gabe is a great kid. Seems like a good team player.

But I don’t understand how you can play basketball and get a D1 scholarship shooting no better than that.

Gabe and Adrio need to crash the offensive boards and get trash buckets, if they could finish around the rim that where they need to score and improve their free throw shooting.
On defense learn to block out and rebound! Gabe needs to start blocking shots. He tries so hard to take charges that he is ineffective around the lane on defense. They are both better this year but man they need to become more effective on offense for sure.

On the surface, that is exactly I would say. However, I have watched Gabe in high school and he wasn’t a prolific shooter by no means, but he is not as bad as it looks now. He made occasional jump shots and was highly recommended to Mike by Charles Baker, his coach who is now Darrel Walker’s assistant. Charles also coached Arkansas Wings in the mid 90s when Wings used to win NCs. Charles knows his basketball.

I am really surprised Gabe has not developed his shot further than he has by now. And now it has become mental. Every time he touches the ball on the wing, fans seem to gasp and he can hear it. So every time he shoots, he hesitates, does not have proper elevation and it is not going to go in.