Press vs Cushion? Something to consider...

Though I have long argued that “press” is by far the best coverage against the spread, I woke up this Sunday a.m. reconsidering. The value of the press is that it takes away the easy throw and forces a qb to make better throws into much narrower windows. The average spread qb will have less consistency if he has to make perfect throw after perfect throw into a narrow window. Of course the downside is that the press gives up big plays even to the average spread qb while the great qb can make that back shoulder throw all day long.

What we ran yesterday is the cushion scheme, but look at what happened. They had two td drives. The other drives into scoring position resulted in fg attempts- 2 made, 2 missed. That is not bad.

Cushion does tend to take away the big play against a spread. Furthermore, all passing teams tend to get bogged down in the red zone where the field dramatically shrinks. That would be particularly true against a D like ours with great D linemen and solid lb’s.

With the talent and ability we have to run on offense, it is reasonable to think we will reduce the number of possessions a spread opponent has. It is also reasonable to trade spread teams fg for our tds.

I would argue that it was our offense that let us down yesterday, not our cushion coverage. Maybe, just maybe, this cushion gives us a better statistical chance against spread teams. Coming from such an unabashed advocate of press coverage like me, this post is either the product of an epiphany or the result of a particularly bad sausage-biscuit.

You reached rock star status with me. You made me think about this differently and I too am an advocate of press coverage. Your view is the only way to really deal with this in that a miracle is not going to happen to create some talent that isn’t there for press.

I’m going with the biscuit. :shock:

Great post. I have said over and over that if you choose to play press, you have to be TALENTED. Its no different than basketball. If you play right up on an explosive player, you better be quick, or you’ll be watching a dunk.

My favorite saying is pres without talent equals hearing the opposition fight song alot.

We do have some talent. Collins, Pulley and Tolliver are talented. But thats not enough to play press across the field. having players quick enough to stay with slot receivers is a problem.

How many yards off the WR must the defender be in order to be considered “press coverage”?

Press coverage is in the face of the receiver, where you are going to be engaged at the snap. I saw that in the fourth quarter and I liked it.

You can play tighter if you don’t respect the long ball. I think the Hogs figured out La Tech’s QB by mid-way through the 3rd quarter…maybe a bit too late, but they still figured him out. He threw one very long ball, a good 5 or more yards beyond an open receiver (who just ran right by our FS).

Their QB had a nice short game, but no long game.

How did LaTech’s press coverage differ from ours, and how come we were unable to hit just as quick passes consistently. I do remember Austin hitting a few quick passes, but quick passes were the bread and butter for LaTech.

Did anyone watch Bama’s press coverage last night? How did it differ from either team in our game?

And, if your answer is “talent”, consider the talent level of the three teams in your answer. If your answer is good coaching, I’m not buying because you’d be putting down our coaches. If your answer is “scheme”, then note that there have been several threads asking about our cushion scheme.

dead horse, dead horse, dead horse, …(is this not a legitimate question, Jeff, or is it just me you want to pick on? )

I was in Jerrys World to watch Bama game and it’s their D year in year out that seals the deal

New QB last few years heck even 2 last night but they were flat in the first quarter until the DEFENSE made the play of the game pick 6 and they were off & running

And the defense suffocated USC giving good field position and points started adding up

ARK must upgrade on D in a big way to ever get thru the west as the rep in ATL

I’m leery now heading into Ft Worth if we really can ever be the type of D we need to win championships …