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Dudley will be on with Grant Hall in about 10 minutes if you want the latest gouge.

little rock or fayetteville station? is there a little rock feed?

Fayetteville station. I’m listening on my phone.

Follow the link I sent and listen live.

Quick summary:

  • no one knows anything because HY is a 1 man search committee and there is no leaks

Welp that goes right along with the rumor I just posted on another thread. Sounds like me and Dudley are hearing the same info. Curious, could this just be an all AR and Houston media April Fool’s joke?

I like the lack of information leaking out. It tells me he understands the impact that leaks have. You can bet if something leaks, he intended for it to.

The info I’m hearing (and I know Dudley has much better info, and it appears to be the same) is that no one, including the PTB (BOT), have any idea either. HY better hit this out of the park, or be packing as we speak.

Funny because the first name I heard rumored was Billy Donovan, then Brad Stevens, then Chris Beard, then Sampson. If it’s not Sampson and HY hasn’t said anything to anyone, could he really be making a play for a BIG TIME hire?

We are just going to have to trust Yuracheck, and have to hope he doesn’t screw this up…

I am not trusting anybody on anything today.

If there are no leaks then there should be nothing to report about who is or is no longer a candidate, unless of course, Sampson leaks it.

Interestingly, there has been no announced contract extension with Sampson, which would cause me to believe he’s negotiating because of something.

The leak about Sampson came from a Houston reporter saying his sources said no contact. Which means he is hearing it from Sampson and Houston’s side. Our guys are hearing it or not hearing it from our side.

That’s why everyone is thinking Sampson is out

Nothing this serious should be announced today.
I think of a motorcycle…

Supposedly neither school is offering Sampson a Harley, seems to be an issue

The hell with the Harley, I want the blond.