Press conference

My son just sent me a tweet from Kevin McPherson with a picture of press conference setup at BWA

ALready being talked about in other threads

News travels at the speed of light…the truth goes about 15 miles an hour.

If it’s Muss, I’m okay with it. Your assessments?

I for one will be elated if they announce Eric Musselman’s hire today.
He will hit the ground running I think by being upfront with the kids on the current roster and aggressively recruit the type of kids to fill out the remaining roster spots.
Plus, Arkansas shouldn’t have to pay more than 10 million for a five year contract and no more than a 2 million dollar buyout.
I am looking forward to seeing if he can be the man to get us back to a top tier program, I think he can and will.

Go Hogs!

Just a guess but I expect we’ll pay him at least what MA was making, if only because we’re not the only school interested in his services.

What leads you to believe that? He just got beat by San Diego State in the MWC conference tournament, and just got blown out by Florida in the tournament and he was a higher seed with a better roster with a team full of seniors. That doesn’t really scream top tier to me…

Yeah this hire certainly doesn’t scream ready to compete for SEC a national titles.

Me either. I hope he can keep most of our current players. That is job #1.

If we are going to cherry pick results can we talk about the year before when they beat Texas, #2 seed Cincinnati and lost by 1 in the S16 to Loyola (who went to the F4).

Top tier? No. A different approach for a guy more tuned into modern basketball and social media? Yes. I’m excited to see what an energetic guy can do with our facilities and resources.

To be fair, they lost by 9 to both teams and it only got that high because they had to start fouling towards the end. It was closer than the number says.

He’s without a doubt a good coach. His record at Nevada speaks for itself. Top tier? Our first choice? Absolutely not.

And I’m glad your excited, just from reading twitter and other sites, I’m not the only fan skeptical. Seems like we’re trying the mid-major up and comer route again, didn’t work out well the first two times we tried it, maybe it does this time. We’ll see!

Also to be fair, they were getting blown out before Florida started playing around and let them come back at the end. Florida dominated that game. I watched the entire thing.

You would’ve been skeptical even if they hired Coach K.

You’ve moaned and groaned non stop since they fired MA.

You keep trying to compare your twisted standards because of stuff you’ve done in the past, I’m not like you, I don’t just sit and complain on and on about something, like you’ve done during CMA’s entire tenure. If you review my post history, I was all on the Sampson train, thought he would be an upgrade, I was even open to Buzz Williams, Chris Beard I would have liked, but unrealistic IMO.

But, by all means keep on lying, it’s not like people can look at post history and see the truth.

You’re pretty good at it.

I’ve commented on MA is entire tenure? Pretty tough to do considering I started posting in the basketball forum… this year.

Still waiting. Or did your mouth get out in front of you on this?

I’ll answer that, yes it did.

Hey man, you’re starting to get on my nerves now following me around in multiple threads trying to start arguments. You’re welcome to shoot me a PM and we finish the convo there, I know if you’re annoying me, other people don’t want to see this either.

If it’s Musselman, I like that over Sampson for multiple reasons,
just as good of coach on paper,
could be here for a while if he’s successful.
maybe relates to the younger players better,
don’t think their is any stipulations with hiring family,
should come a little cheaper

Tweeted out no press conference is imminent…stand down

Who knows

Personally, I was (am) probably going to be “skeptical” just about no matter who we hire. Just didn’t see a big time hire to make no matter who it was. I certainly had concerns with Sampson. Of all the ones mentioned, the one I probably would have been least skeptical about would have been Beard, but never thought that was going to happen.

The last time I wasn’t skeptical about a BB hire was Heath (and it turns out I should have been!) I was a lot younger then and it retrospect should have questioned that hire a lot more. All that being said, whoever it is, I am going to support them until I have good reason not to, and even then root for them.