Press conference updates

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— “Hadn’t seen Alabama blitz as much this season, especially on early downs. Doesn’t know why that was. Not normally a big blitz team.”

Maybe the blitzed a lot because they saw how bad our OL was? Call me crazy, but I would expect the same from all teams playing ua

Yeah, I joked about that a little later on the radio. Pretty apparent why they brought more pressure. Sacrificed some coverage (400 yards) to get the pressure, but beat up Allen, which in turn led to three picks and two defensive TDs.

This has to be coachspeak. He cannot be this obtuse.

I’m disappointed they don’t seem mad. It’s more of an “aw shucks” they are just better and we did some good things, instead of being mad at the lack of execution and poor play calling. Stop being so nice. Be nasty if you want your team to play nasty. Right now we just aren’t nasty.

I would be very disappointed if it is not far different "behind closed doors’! On the other hand, I suppose there is a fine line between that and “beating on” a player who is already down when the obvious objective is player improvement.

From what I understand, halftime was pretty heated, but that’s just what I heard. I have seen some coaches vent toward their team in the press and it’s worked well, and I have seen some who have vented and eventually lost their team completely. It’s a calculated risk either way. Personally, I don’t have to hear a lot of anger, but I want whatever tone to work in success for the team and the coaches.