Press Conference Props

I want to give props to all of the media and CCM at the Press Conference. I encourage all fans to go watch and listen multiple times to the 30 minute video. I thought every position and question was covered. I thought CCM was very informative and gave a lot of answers to a lot of questions asked on this board. Really good stuff today. Go watch.


The videos are always posted on the front page of the site: … s-north-t/

Well I am getting a registration/login popup even though it shows i am logged in so i can’t watch

I logged out and back in and got it thanks anyway Matt.


Gosh I just wish he would have said i blew it by not going for it. I would respect that, i mean he just says he calls them up and says it’s the 4th quarter we have to finish here, but let’s go ahead and punt on this 4th and 2 inches.

I also think they are limiting this team with this QB gong show, we aren’t splitting time with Tua and Hurts, Watson and Stoudt, or Martell and Haskins etc. We have 2 average guys in a new offense and they need practice and game reps with the starters to make the most of their abilities. I also think it needs to be Cole it’s been very apparent in the appearances that TY is not going to be consistently accurate with the football. He may actually run the offense better right now but i believe Cole’s upside outweighs Tys limitations.