Press Conf videos

Some awesome videos on the interviews today. A lot of insight for the game. Some very very good questions from several different reporters. I encourage everyone to watch those.

Jaylin Williams (Arkansas) went up against Keller previously in High School, that will make things interesting. In Pearl’s interview he mentioned they didn’t do much on Sunday to recover legs for Tuesday’s game. Students camping out for tickets already.

Geeze, show some respect reporters. . . turn off your messaging ding on your phones . . . . … very disrespectful. . . . now if its the coaches phone dinging, another story all together, i guess they can get by with it. .

Maybe have some grace for someone forgetting to silence laptop notifications on a busy day? Not every mistake made is disrespect.


You are right. . . it is a lot of people all on one call soneone is likely to forget.

I forgot to mention, Bob Holt in the Muss interview tonight pointed out that last year against Auburn, that game was the turning point of the season. We were down 19 and came back and beat them. Since that game we have been 33 and 7 which is a great record.


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