Preseason SEC POY next year?

If Oscar T doesn’t come back, seems like JWill could be a favorite for preseason POY next year. Pretty impressive jump from where he started as a true frosh last season. His improvement trajectory is off the charts.


I love for it to be JWill, but as hard as this is to say, Tari Eason from LSU (if he is still around may grab that honor). He was a whirlwind on the court.

I’ll be shocked if Tari comes back. He’s been showing up anywhere between #10 and #20 in most of the recent NBA Mock drafts. He’s certainly one of the toughest players to defend that we’ve faced. Probably second only to Jabari.

How about JD Notae for SEC POY? Doesn’t he have one more year left?
And don’t forget, UA also has at least a pair of Five Stars arriving. Next year’s team will be loaded. Toney may also have one year of eligibility remaining too. Oh my!
UA…Campus of Champions

I would like to be surprised but I don’t think JD will be back. Lot greater chance that Oscar comes back than JD, IMO, with the monster NIL opportunities had has.

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