Preseason rankings

Preseason rankings are such bunk. How is Texas ranked 23? Seriously. Jeez.

We should wait 3 weeks before having any rankings.

The TV networks depend on the preseason rankings to build hype for the early games each year. I’ve said for a while that teams shouldn’t be ranked until Oct. 1.

I think October 1st may still be too soon. I think the playoff committee has it about right starting at midseason

Oh yeah, You’re right about the networks. Every year we see the same thing. One thing we’ve seen a bunch of is Texas being over ranked and over hyped. Last year they beat a pitiful ND and the media was telling us they were back. Now Charlie’s coaching in Florida.

I have long said that college football should wait to rank teams. Once ranked, those voting in the various polls tend to make new rankings based on how they voted the previous week. I’d like polls that begin on October 1.

Actually, I like the preseason rankings because they generally are quite “off.” Texas high ranking makes their loss today that much sweeter. One reason we see so many first week upsets is because the teams are so inaccurately rated. The only downside to them is that teams who are better than their preseason rankings have a hard time climbing to the top. Otherwise, I like the hype & I like the surprise outcomes that result from them.

One thing for sure Texas and Tom Herman don’t have to worry about being ranked. Florida and Bucky won’t have to worry Long either. Florida is plain horrible
If they would wait until at least the October 1 to have the first poll come out it would show just how bias a lot of these voters are. Just like the heisman voters are.
It’s all about money! But man I love this time of year. Can’t wait until next saturday for another hog game.

Yessir . . . Texas is a top 25 team! You’ll see . . . Maryland MUST be #1 to handle the mighty Horns like that!


I still remember the year we went down to Austin and beat them in week 1…some “pollsters” still ranked Texas ahead of us after we whipped them on their home field.