Prep Rally book arrived today

I got my copy of Prep Rally, The History of Arkansas High School Football today. I’ve spent the better part of an hour perusing it. The stories and pictures are wonderful.

An extra bonus was the pictures of the authors in their (edit: Junior high) school uniforms!

If y’all haven’t ordered a copy, you should.


The one of me is actually from the eighth grade. I played only junior high football. Settled in with basketball and then golf after a dislocated hip injury. Not too many junior high kids (and that’s what I was) get a dislocated hip. I get arthritis in that hip (or maybe it’s bursitis) from time to time, related to that injury.

That was junior high for me, too. I stayed with basketball one more year than football, then quit playing sports because my hometown newspaper wanted me to write about the teams. Another factor: I was also a pretty good saxophone player - much better than I was a lineman or a low post - and our high school’s block scheduling made it impossible to do athletics and band.

OK, Junior High, but you were still in your uniforms.

It is a very nice book, great photos, stories and stats. I also have “Beyond The Big Shootout” great book and another good one is “Hogs, Horns & Nixon Coming” hell of a game even though we lost, imagine if we had won.

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