Pregame political commentary from the Tide

To be exact, Bama RB Bo Scarborough (not suitable for work or young ears).

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Well…that seals it for GA…

Did Scarbrough get into the game. I don’t recall seeing him.


Not to devolve into a political discussion, but remember that Alabama (the state) just had a nasty senate election. And, that Trump waded in to the muck of the National Anthem protests. If you are a black player that will connect with you differently than the stereotypical message board poster (ie, probably middle-class and white).

Trump’s choice in the GOP primary lost, but was rather extreme even by Alabama standards. And, the primary winner wound up being a cancerous candidate.

Those things impact players’ lives, too, even though for so many of us they are merely characters in the grand theater of football.

Humbly submitted, and with the effort to be politically neutral. :slight_smile:

Bo says he said “Georgia” not “Trump”

That only makes sense, and sounds like he’s telling the truth, to me.

Why would he be worried about disrespecting the president moments before one of the biggest games of his life?

I believe him.

Watch (and listen) to the video. He said Trump. Which in a free nation is his choice. However it was in much poor taste to use the f-word. Very poor taste.

I did.

And I can’t for 100 percent certainty tell what he’s saying, and I’m also not one to assume.

He may very well have said it, but I don’t really have a reason not to believe him.

I do think he should probably apologize regardless of what he actually said, for the confusion or truth, whatever it is.

Or we should all apologize for caring what is said in a tunnel between players. There should be some sacred space, y’know?

Thats a locker room.

Not smart to in a tunnel regardless of whether we like or dislike what he said, it was not appropriate.

Especially for a guy whose twitter page is WWJD posted all over it.

As Trump would say himself, “it was locker room talk.”

Whether it should have been said in the locker room or not (I go with not at all, no matter who he was speaking of), he has to be aware that when ESPN has a gazillion channels covering the event, there’s no private space. There’s bound to be a camera (whether it was ESPN’s or just somebody with a cell phone video) everywhere.