Predictions for Texas game

To be honest I have absolutely no clue.

Watched Texas play Tuesday night, was not overly impressed. Also watched some of Duke/Kentucky.

I hope our youngsters come out like gangbusters like Duke did, but they could also lay an egg like Kentucky. Both teams young.

Concerns: Turnovers, poor shooting, fouling way too much, jitters. We have not started any exhibition game quickly. Texas press looked pretty good, hope we have worked on it some.

They have played a game, we haven’t. Disadvantage Arkansas.

7 th or 8th year of this regime. Should be no rebuilding, just reloading. All that being said:

Arkansas beats Texas
Score? Arkansas 78. Texas 74

I think it’ll be low scoring.

65-62 Arkansas.

Arkansas 84 Texass 72

Texas 77
Arkansas 65

Texas has 4 starters back. Their best player sat out their 1st game. We are super young.

Texas 84-73 i think it will take a while to get chemistry.

Too many new faces too soon Texas 90 Arkansas 74

AR - 73 TX - 69
Both teams play sloppy in a strange venue.
Gafford, Harris, Chaney produce late.

Honestly guys, do any of you actually have any idea what type of team we have at this point? I don’t believe you do and for anyone to make game and score predictions at this time is sort of like pinning the tail on the donkey!
I feel it best to wait and watch the game, hope for a win and proceed from that point.
We have for the most part a completely new team with only one returning starter in Gafford that will have to improve his ability to stay out of foul trouble as well as dramatically improve his free throw shooting to be an effective contributor in late game situations if we are involved n close games.
At the same time we will have to rely on several freshman to be able to transition from High School to Division 1 College Basketball quickly while filling up the box score. Like all of you I hope they can, but we simply have no idea if and when that will happen.
Beat Texas!

Go Hogs!

Texas 77, Hogs 64. Experience counts.

High Scoring open court game 106 - 104 Arkansas

Texas by double digits.

I don’t feel good about this one. Expecting an L. Just hope we keep it competitive and show some positive signs. Don’t get blown out like WVU did last year.

YES Gafford and Joe combine for 57 points together… Harris puts in 15 assists

ESPN FPI Index gives us a 23% chance to win.

Texas is a 6.5 pt favorite according to Vegas.

This has all the markings of a fairly easy Texas win. They have experience and talent in the backcourt and plenty of size to neutralize Gafford. Would expect a steady dose of fullcourt pressure for our young guards and plenty of double downs on Dan.

Dan gets into foul trouble and Coleman and Roach have their way.

Texas 80
Arkansas 65

60-58 Hogs