Predictions for Next Year's Lineup

Now that Gafford is coming back officially, how do you guys see the lineups looking next year?

I’m thinking…

  1. Gafford / Chaney / Henderson
  2. Gabe / Bailey / Phillips
  3. Hall / Garland
  4. Jones / Joe / Sills
  5. Harris / Embery / (Hill Mid-terms RS)

I think Gabe beats out Bailey this summer and becomes the new “Manny Watkins” a guy that doesn’t score a lot but one of the leaders on defense and does all the little things. I also think Chaney will be used similar to how Trey Thompson was used, which is he’ll mostly back-up Gafford at the 5, but we’ll see some lineups with him alongside Gafford playing at the 4. I think Phillips gets spot minutes at both the 3 and 4 spot. Also, think Isiah Joe and Garland (if available) will see some starts next year. I’m still a bit skeptical on Garland really would like to hear some good news about him soon.

I said this before, and some got upset, but no doubt in my mind our first game (exhibition or regular season, maybe both) the starting five will be:

PG - Harris
SG - Jones
SF - Hall
PF - Bailey
C - Gafford

I do not think that is the starting team come SEC or March. I think we will see different rotations (obviously), but in my opinion, if Garland is cleared we will see a starting lineup of

PG - Sills (my opinion defense and offense will make him the starter)
SG - Khalil (possibly Joe depending on how his shots fall)
SF - Phillips (I know everyone wants him inside, but he is a very good perimeter player, this is the one position I think Mike hasn’t really had since he has been here, Hall is improving but Phillips is one of those rare players)
PF - Chaney (his rebounding ability is too much to leave on the bench)
C - Gafford (only player who I think starts every game next year)

However, to answer your question (not in order of starting):

PG - Harris, Embery, Garland, Sills, and Joe (and Holmes :wink: )
SG - Joe, Garland, Embery, Jones, Hall (in large/defensive lineups)
SF - Phillips, Hall, Garland, Jones (small lineups, shooting)
PF - Chaney, Henderson, Phillips (small ball), Bailey, Hall (small ball), Gabe
C - Gafford, Henderson, Chaney, Phillips (again small ball)

I’m missing someone, who am I missing?

Gafford and Hall are locks at the 5 and 3. If you really want to speed people up I thank you could play Hall at the 4. Harris is probably the guy at PG in a timeshare with Keyshawn Embery.

I think Isiah Joe will be the starting 2G and Bailey or Chaney at the 4. Agreed that it might be Chaney as the main back-up at the 5, or it could be Ethan Henderson or Gabe as a stop gap 5 for defense. I think CJ remains the instant offense microwave off the bench (hopefully more consistently).

Should be a lot of interchangeable parts.

My 2 cents guesstimate at our best line-up:

Joe or Jones

What I see is competition at every position except five, where we don’t need it now. The other four spots have three and four players that could possibly fill that position with the flexibility of many players. That increases the odds of finding a rotation without glaring holes. I wonder if we might shift into overdrive next season without any player besides Gafford being essential on the court.

he starts out with experience ill wager.

gafford, bailey, hall, jones, harris,

but by end of the year it will be gafford, chaney, hall, joe, and harris.

henderson, gabe, and bailey sub at the four and five.
phillips for hall
sills for harris
emery for joe then cj.

joe one of best high school shooting guards i have seen in a while. and consistent, mores than jones. plus he played point this year so he handles ball better than jones, and defense, no contest. just a better player than jones.

cheney would have started this year at the four for us.

sills better than beard, 2 inches bigger, same toughness, better scorer.
phillips is the swing guy, from what i have seen on film he handles ball very well, could we have a 6’7" point at times.
embry is the one i don’t know about, but hope to see him in little rock soon.

As you quite often do, you nailed it from start of the season to the finish.

You are especially right about Chaney Based on what I saw of Chaney and more than that hear from Bill Ingram, he would have started for us this year as a high school senior.

Nobody else is feeling like Gabe can beat out Bailey to start at the 4? With the exhibitions/first couple games CMA typically starts the upperclassmen no matter what, so I agree likely Bailey probably starts then. But, I just see Gabe being heads and shoulders better than Bailey next year and starting pretty early in the season, maybe even starting by the first official game. Gabe showed me a lot this year, his B-Ball IQ is high and he really plays with a high motor all the time. Bailey is kinda like Thomas and Cook were, he’s really inconsistent in what he brings every night.

It’s possible. Bailey brings a shot blocking element and in that Butler game he hit a couple 15 ft shots. His jumper actually looks good, but he is very hesitant to shoot (and it’s slow). I don’t disagree with a lot of what you said about Gabe, but Bailey has a lot of tools too.

Early starter’s:

PG - J. Harris
SG - K. Garland
SF - D. Hall
PF - A. Bailey
C - D. Gafford

Conference time:
PG - J. Harris
SG - I. Joe/K. Garland
SF - J. Phillips
PF - R. Chaney
C - D. Gafford

MA may have a prolific scorer who would otherwise be a starter come off the bench to keep a offensive punch in the 2nd unit as he did Daryl Macon.

The SG position will probably not have a permanent starter because I suspect very little drop-off no matter the lineup unlike this past season.

As stated earlier Embrey, Zay, Desi & Garland are all very capable of bringing the ball up the court… oddly enough so can 6’6 Hall, 6’7 Smith & 6’8 Osabuohien. :shock:

Smith? Or do you mean Phillips?

hey pj, are you going to be in attendance at the all star game here in little rock? if so, barring any emergency, i will be there to watch also. would love to meet you.

We have a lot of G’s, a lot of combo guys, a couple of non traditional bigs. Gafford makes a huge difference defensively for this team. I still worry about youth. But Gafford coming back adds a lot on defense and allows so many more combinations on the court.

My grandson has a baseball game at 6 at Junior Deputy. So, I am trying to figure out if I can make it there by 7:30. I will send you a PM if I can

Gafford’s decision to announce now is a huge, huge break for Coach Anderson and his staff - both in terms of having him back and not being caught in limbo as the process would have played out over time.

Start of the Seasion:

PG - Jalen Harris - Keyshawn Embery
SG - CJ Jones- Isaiah Joe - Desi Sills
3G/SF - Darious Hall - Khalil Garland - Jordan Phillips
PF - Adrio Bailey - Reggie Chaney- Gabe 0
C - Daniel Gafford - Ethan Henderson

• I do not rule out Isaiah Joe getting significant PG time
• Jalen Harris has experience edge and is a true point guard, but I think Keyshawn Embery has higher ceiling and will end up taking that spot.
• Adrio and Gabe will have to really improve to keep Chaney off the court
• I think Henderson will be able to give Arkansas good minutes behind Gafford, but I also expect Chaney and Gabe O to find minutes inside.

• And if anybody transfers - not something I expect right now - I would suspect a big to be brought in via graduate transfer or juco.

I wouldn’t be mad if we landed Tory Miller as a graduate transfer. He’s a big, physical, athletic big man. He got hurt his senior season so he has 1 year left. I was reading about him on some Colorado sites and they were expecting a big season from him before he got hurt. Watched some Colorado highlights of him and he really strong around the rim. Honestly, I think he’d be a really good back-up to Gafford and that would allow Henderson a year to add some weight and learn the college game without us having to rely on him too much for production.

How would you rank the new guards on D?

If CJ jones or Gabe start we won’t make the NIT neither is a starter in this league

I like your thinking here I think and hope Gabe transfers and we get Tory it will help for the 19-20 classes as well

Isaiah Joe is a starter day 1 imo and he definitely will beat out no dribbling poor shooting CJ Jones

Yes, meant to say Jordan Phillips