Prediction time: who is the next commit?

This would be fun.

Since it seems like he is announcing first I’m gonna go Myreon Jones!

How do you guys think this transfer commit deal works? 5 or 6 guys all waiting to announce but what if one calls today and says he’s in…do you tell him you have to wait until the other player you really want makes up his mind?

Seems like you could leave yourself in a trick bag if you don’t take whoever commits first.

I think it very well could be that Muss tells them, grab your seat on the Muss Bus before someone else gets there first. If we REALLY like someone he might hold the seat for a while but not indefinitely IMO.


Swine do you think Muss really wants a 5’7 point guard? I just don’t see it.

I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like a great fit from what we know Muss likes but the kid can apparently ball. He might make an exception.

I’ll go with Lykes.


Well he won’t be able to switch in pick and roll with a big…maybe its just a smoke screen.

RD thinks it’s Lykes. That might be your answer.

Just changed my pick to Lykes. lol

RD do you still think Pinson is unlikely? I heard Bossi thinks the Hogs are in good shape.

Hey Rich does it surprise you that Muss would go with a 5’7 point guard?

Seems to go against everything he’s about. Tall guards that can defend multiple positions.

I hope dude can break down a defense like Fortson could.

I know how things can change in heartbeat in recruiting, so I NEVER rule anything out. But I would be very surprised if it happened.

I looked up Earl Boykins’ stats for the year he played for Muss with the Warriors. Never started but played in 68 games and averaged 19 minutes. Boykins is even shorter than Lykes, and that’s the NBA, not college.

Why would that be any different than offers made to high school seniors? They make offers to multiple kids and then have to weigh it when one of them wants to commit.

Wonder what KK thinks of all this. Back of the line again?

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Not necessarily. Maybe Lykes moves into the JD role of microwave off the bench, assuming JD himself isn’t here to fill it.

Lykes is not coming here to play off the bench. You are day dreaming.

We shall see, PJ. You’re putting him into the starting lineup immediately and others question why we would take a 5-7 PG at all.

Well because you don’t have as much time as a high school player has to make a decision. If Lykes says he’s in today but you would rather have Pinson and Pinson says give him till Friday what do you do?

You tell Lykes to hold on and he chooses another school and Pinson tells you Friday he’s going to Auburn…now what?

Very different situation than a high schooler that has 2 to three years before he graduates. There are over 1200 in the portal and teams have very few spots. As a player you need to make up your mind quick or you might be playing at Henderson.

It is not about what I think, it is about what he thinks. Why would he transfer and give up his starter’s role? It is buyer’s market in the portal.