Prediction time: Next hoops commit?

With Vanover on board who do we get next?

I’m gonna go with my boy Grayer and I’ll predict Moss to Kansas. I’m not sure what to think of Notae but he seems to be a really big fan of the program with his recent twitter interactions.

I suspect that is the likely scenario

Dudley, what’s your thoughts on Notae?

Kyree Walker.

Works for me!

I was halfway kidding but we’ll see. Just wanted to see the reaction.

I see we already have our answer. Welcome aboard Mr. Moss!

Kind of curious as to what Mr Moss’ commitment means. (I.e. Grayer, Notae, Walker are “still” out there) would we take those three commitments? And if so, who leaves? Or does Moss mean we are done for the Year?

I don’t know about Grayer and Notae, but if Walker reclassifies and wants to come you make it happen. Somehow.

Happy to be wrong here!

I’m sticking with my prediction from awhile back. This team is going to look very different next season.

I hope he gets all 3 and we get this show on the road!

Amen to that

Going with JD Notae now.

Yep I think you are right RD.

Then open up a spot later on if Walker reclassifies and you can get him?

Yep…if Walker says he is coming, you open a spot up ASAP and welcome him in with open arms and fast before he tries to leave!

Looks like a pretty solid player to me. … niversity/