Prediction time for tonights Hogs vs Beavers

Some of you may be too young to remember this but I’m sure there are
enough old farts like me out there that will recognize the clip.

WPS! GO RAZORBACKS! Lets crush some Beaver tonight!! :slight_smile:

Hogs win in a comeback, 8 to 6.

Beavers touch Blaine for a couple of HR and he leaves the game behind by 2 runs in the 4th inning. We get to their starter in the 5th, and then start putting runners on the bases most innings thereafter. Loseke has a nice stretch, giving up 1 run in 3-4 innings, and then we hand it off to Cronin for the save.

Hogs 10-6
Knight - win
Cronin - save

Hogs win 5-4. GHG!

I’m not going to get into how it comes about. Already enough uncertainty about the simple “who wins” question. I’m going to predict the hogs, but I’m not sure how much of my prediction is coming from my heart & how much is coming from my head. I’d like for Knight to leave the game with a lead of some kind & hope he doesn’t leave it until after the 5th inning. I’d love to knock out their starter by the 3rd inning & then kick around the next two relievers before we close it out with Loseke.

I think Blaine goes 6, Reindl gets the 7th and 8th and Cronin gets the ninth. And the molester doesn’t get out of the third.

6-4 Hogs. We get a lead early and hang on like we did against Florida.

Can I wait until two outs in the ninth to make my prediction? lol! I think Blaine gets six strong innings; Kjerstad has a big game, and the Hogs win 7-4.

Hogs 7 OSU 2

I predict rain

Question for all the posters: How would a rainout tonight change or would it change your prediction for Game 1?

Wouldn’t change mine. I am an unabashed homer.

I doubt it would change the choice in teams, but maybe the choice in scores (the closeness, the amount of runs scored, etc.).

I think knight will go 7. I don’t think OSUs starter gets past 3. Don’t know the score but I just think the hogs want it more. The batters seem to figure out the other teams pitcher lately pretty quick.

I’ve seen that comedy routine a thousand times and I still laugh. It’s beyond a classic.

8 to 5 Hogs whenever they decide to play…

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