Prediction thread: Portland State

Another season, another chance to show our knowledge or embarrass ourselves.

I’ll start: Should be a big win. Lots of offense for the good guys. A couple of turnovers for the defense. All three quarterbacks play.

Razorbacks 54, Portland State 19.

66-6 Razorbacks.

Hogs. 58

Portland. 10

55 -14

Good scrimmage, virtually everyone should play, positions solidified and the score not important as long as it is totally under control.

Scaling back my thoughts because Hicks was declared the starter. This only can mean that we are not as far along as I had hoped.

So, 38-17 Hogs.

Doesn’t matter who starts this game, they will all see plenty of time.
52- 14

[color=#BF0040]HOGS[/color] - 45

Portland State - 10

48 - 13. Hope Hicks does not throw many Int’s

AR 31 Portland State 23

AR starters are still playing in the 4th and this board melts down


Wasn’t Hope Hicks Trump’s former Communications Director? :wink:

We should win by 50 points, but offense not there yet.

Think we will like the Defense more so than the offense. Defense scores at least 7 in this one (Brown Pick 6).

They will not score a td against a much improved Defense…

Ark 31
PS 3

52-17 hogs. Portland gets 10 points before the end of the 3rd quarter after we’ve establish a good lead. They score the final TD late

48-17 Hogs and don’t think we will show too much before we head to Ole Piss!

Hogs - 22

PS - 6

UA 48
PSU 17

I think it cold be worse but hopefully 2nd and 3rd teamers get some substantial playing time.


52 - 3
Good Guys!