Prediction for tonight's (Thursday) game vs. S. Carolina

We all know that making specific predictions for any one game is foolhardy, even in football. For every game that you may foresee with some degree of accuracy, there will be one (or two) that you are wrong about. Tougher still is basketball, where on any given night, a team can be red-hot, or (conversely) the ball may not bounce just right. But baseball? Well, it’s hard enough to predict a series, let alone any one game.

All of that said, I’m gonna make a prediction for tonight’s game. Just a hunch.

Even the best of pitchers has the occasional “off” day. So far, we really haven’t seen that from Blaine Knight. He’s been very consistent (and good!) through, especially, his first 4 SEC starts. He hasn’t always had his best stuff - but he has found a way to be effective. My feeling is that tonight, he may not have his best night; perhaps, giving up 4 runs in the first two or three innings.

However, I believe on this evening, our offense will carry the day and we will prevail something like 9 to 7, with Blaine neither gaining the win or sustaining a loss, even though it wasn’t his best evening.

Again, just a hunch.

By the way . . . here is a series preview from the S. Carolina perspective. Note that their probable starter Friday (Adam Hill) is extremely hard to hit - opposing batters hit a SEC low .133 against him, and he has an eye-popping 55 K’s in only 35.2 innings. However, he also allows about 6 walks per nine innings, and has a surprisingly high ERA of 4.79. Will be interesting to how he performs on the mound. … 18aaa.html

You were right about BK. Let’s hope you are right about the hogs winning. 4 outs left. Too many left on bases so far.

So, I self-grade myself with a D for this prediction. Only part that was close was that Knight was not his usual dominant self, and did not last deep into the game. However, even on an “off” night, he still only allowed one run. Other than that, I pretty much missed the rest.

So much for my “gut feeling”.