Prediction: Evan Lee will have a breakout spring

It’s early in fall camp, but I have a mild prediction: Evan Lee will have a breakout spring. Everyone who has seen him this September raves about what he’s become. He had an all-star summer in California. I know Thursday night in the scrimmage he hit one that’s still going in right field. The thought was that it was similar to some that Chad Spanberger hit last year. One person told me it landed in Norm’s pond. Another said it cleared the pond. Either way, it was a massive shot. Evan will get to pitch some, but I suspect he’ll be in the lineup every day to hit, too.

I couldn’t tell where it landed, but it went a long, long way!

Yes I was very impressed with his swing and his demeanor on the mound this past your he will be a star in the near future

That sounds good. How many more hogs looks good.

Dave Van Horn has been high on Evan since he made it to campus. He told me last fall that he thought Lee was like Eibner is his two-way capabilities. He also made the comment last spring about putting Lee in a game “because he’s a winner. He knows how to win.”

Yes I was very impressed with his swing and his demeanor on the mound this past your he will be a star in the near future

Evan has a seriousness and maturity about him that is obvious. Great focus and approach to the game.

I’m tremendously excited about both he and Fletcher, who also had a super summer in the California Collegiate League. Both made the All-Star game (Fletcher was the MVP of that game). And, of course, Lee pitches as well.

This should be a fun spring in Baum.

Evan put down a gorgeous bunt yesterday for a hit. It came two innings after he lined one into left field, an opposite-field drive that was just a rocket that kind of made the third baseman flinch. The third baseman was a step or two back the next time and Evan put down the bunt that no one could play. That’s great recognition.

Luke Bonfield scorched the ball three times yesterday. One to center and two to right, including an opposite field home run into the wind.

I have this feeling that Luke is going to have a great senior season. He still is learning first base, but that might be a big deal if he can play there.

The more that I see and read about this team, the more excited I get for the season.

I am definitely going to enjoy this ball club. Already have my reservations in San Diego. I’m waiting for the 2018 schedule in order to book everything in Baton Rouge, hope we stomp the tigggers.

The LSU series is going to be May 4-6. That has already been announced by LSU. The SEC could change it last-minute to be a Thursday-Saturday series, but I wouldn’t bet on it.