Predicting Tulsa game

I will start this one.

Who will play qb? Who can play at running back? Can defense tackle, or cover anyone. How demoralized are we.

Tulsa has lost two games the should have won. Sound familiar? They’ve gotten a boost from a qb change. We should beat them easily but we don’t do anything easily. My heart says.

Arkansas 31
Tulsa 30

It won’t be easy.

Ark 29

TU 22

The streak ends!!
Let’s hope another begins…

Hogs 38
Tulsa 28

Hope Boyd can play a significant amount because I think he can gain 150 yards. Just hope that Kelley does not throw many interceptions. If we can get a lead like we did against Ole Miss, don’t think Tulsa has the horses to come back.

The long drought finally comes to an end. Hogs take this one 41-22.

Hogs win finally.


Merged with previous topic.

52 - 16 Hogs
We finally dominate 1 thru 4 quarters. 3 Hog QB’s play & all 3 lead TD drives.

I believe it is something close to this -

Storey and Boyd are fine and playing. Our D matches up well with their more run oriented offense. These coaches and the kids that have bought in are sick of this crap…

Ark 49
Tul 14

Hogs. 48
TU. 21

I think we win this game the way we should, somewhat of a statement game. Statement that things are improving a little.


49-3 Hogs

Hogs 38-20

Hope we win big, but this Tulsa team played Texas, Houston and So Florida very close for most of those games.

Need to figure out how to win in the 4th quarter and Ty needs to learn to go out of bounds or slide on his runs.

This could be the real coming out party for Boyd… Time to start a mini win streak.

Hogs 31
Tulsa 24

I guess it could be Boyds 2nd real coming out party or a continuation of last weeks that got derailed after 106 yards rushing in the 1st quarter.

I am talking about a real coming out party where not just a few SEC teams take notice, But ESPN and the rest of the nation knows who he is after he ramps up his average yards per carry over the 8-9 number this weekend…200 plus yards and 3 touchdowns could do that. Sec offensive player of the week coming out party… We need something to get excited about.

I have only seen Tulsa come into Razorback stadium and win one time. Lots of red in the stands and a rowdy crowd, hard to be all that confident if you are Tulsa. Arkansas 38 - Tulsa 24.

31-27, Good Guys, if Ty plays,

31-27 Tulsa if he does not.

Yep, I think Ty is worth 4-8 points to this offense.

Hogs 38

Hurry Canes 31

Arkansas: 41
Tulsa: 24