Predict the regional field

We’ll even let LoudLoyd play along, even though he may or may not have had advance knowledge last year and was able to pick all four correctly. :smiley:

In addition to Arkansas, what three teams do you think will play in the Fayetteville Regional next week?

Tennessee Tech (2), Oklahoma ~or~ Oklahoma State (3) , Oral Roberts (4) - along with Arkansas (1), of course.

I’d love for Texas to come up as our #2, but figure that Matt is right - even though their RPI is outside the top 20, they are the Big 12 regular season champion, so that probably gets them a hosting assignment.

Oklahoma (2), Purdue (3), Oral Roberts (4)

As much as I DON’T want it to be…

Missouri St

don’t know about anybody else but they #$$ sure going to bring Missouri state in here.


I know the baseball committee is much more prone to consider geography when they place the 2-4 seeds than the basketball committee does, but I get tired of seeing Mo St & all these Oklahoma teams coming in to Baum. I hope we get a really bad 4 seed to open with. I know the 2 & probably 3 seeds will be pretty good teams. At least we shouldn’t face either teams’ ace in the second game.

I don’t want Texas to come here. They’re more likely to go to A&M should A&M host. I could see TCU

NEA, I am curious as to why. For me, this is exactly why Baum was built - so we can host events like this instead of being funneled to Austin, as we were several times in past years. Let them come to us and get more of the Baum “hospitality” we dished out to them earlier this year. Bring 'em on.

I’m not afraid of them - and I don’t think our team/coaches are either. Consider that no one on this year’s team was within 5 years of being born when we left the SWC, and it’s easy to see that their “Texas” is LSU (as we just found out - again). To them, Texas is just another “pretty good program”, but no one to feared any more than LSU, Florida, Ole Miss, Georgia, S. Carolina, Vandy . . .

Any, by the way - I was originally thinking the Aggies might host; but their losing conference record, compared to Texas winning the Big 12 regular season title will have the Aggies rolling into Austin, not the other way around. I credit Matt for pointing this out to me, and I agree with him.

It’s pure irrational, unadulterated superstition. We’ve already beat them twice at Baum this season & I still have this nagging belief that when it matters Texas seems to win. Is that fear? I suppose so. I know it makes no sense, but I remember things like that last past into the EZ at WMS in 1987. The clipping penalty that wasn’t called on Street’s run in 1969. The Street pass that got caught despite great coverage on 4th & 4. I remember the facemask tackle of Ron Calcagni that wasn’t called in 1977 that kept us from being undefeated & perhaps winning the national championship.

Now you’re going to tell me none of this has anything to do with baseball in 2018. And my brain will agree with you 100%. But my stomach still says something will go wrong if we play Texas.

I’m going to tell you that I remember everything you just recalled - and more (as I’m sure you do). I completely understand your predisposition to think of Texas as the “Boogeyman”. In our lifetimes, they have found ways to beat our teams in various sports, both when they were better than us (frequently) but also when we were absolutely better than them. I’ve had my hopes dashed by those b*stards so many times I’ve lost count.

But, that’s you and me. As I mentioned in my last post, none of that means a thing to kids today, who hear these “ancient” stories about when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and we played Texas every season. To this generation of baseball players, the Boogeyman wears purple and gold, not burnt orange.

Would it be my worst nightmare to have Texas come up here and leave with a Regional victory over us? Yes. But at the same time, nothing would be sweeter than dispatching them back to Austin with another loss or two inflicted by us. And, that’s much more likely this year, for a variety of reasons.

To quote gas . . . “lose the fear!”.

Texas will host from What I understand so doubt they come here,I have heard Chokelahoma though.

Agree with everything you said, Wiz. Yes. I remember a whole lot of other examples, too. And, yes, I know these kids have no recollection of the Texas boogeyman problems, but just as it is with other superstitions, it has nothing to do with these kids’ mindsets. It’a a otal ethereal, other-worldly kind of thing my gut worries about. Not my head. It knows better. But I just can’t shake the idea of a Texas jinx.

As for the elation of sending them hone packing, I get that. If they land here & we do that, I’ll love it as much as I could love anything in sports. But if they somehow managed to win in our on park, it’d just add to that long list of head-shaking, stomach-turning events that would haunt me for years.

Regardless, it’s nothing either of us control. If they come, they come & we just have to win. If youdaman is right & it’s someone else, well, we still need to win, but at least I won’t think voodoo or demons are controlling the outcome.

Just a wild guess: Missouri State Oklahoma and Tennessee tech

I don’t want Missouri State we play them at least once during regular season and they seem to always come here when we host regional. I want to see somebody else!

That exactly the lineup I told a buddy when we were talking possibilities.

ORU, and Missouri State for sure. I’m still thinking OU or OSU for the other.

And thats a nasty regional… thats the kind of punishment you get in a regional
when your not a national seed. I’m hoping being a national seed it won’t end
up so shitty. But considering location and story lines… This would not surprise
me at all.

I expect MoState to be a 2 seed. So will Mobilehoma. We’re not getting both of them.

That’s three possible 2 seeds. Tennessee Tech has the highest RPI, 21.

Y’all seem to be operating on the theory that the committee is trying to stick us. Being a likely national seed, and a possible top-4 seed, does not lead me to believe we’ll get screwed.

Somebody has to go to Minneapolis from outside the Big Ten. Best I can tell, the closest schools to there are St. Louis and Mo State. They could still give us the Bad Uniform Bears, but it wouldn’t shock me if they go to Minny.

Well Texas is hosting, so they won’t be here

As expected. Hope they pair them with our regional for the possible Super Regional match-up. Probably not, though, because I doubt Texas will rate higher than a 15 or 16 seed, while we’re likely to be a 4 or 5.

I’ll bet we are paired with either East Carolina, or Coastal Carolina.