Predict next week’s score.

I think 81-7. I’m not even really joking. Malzahn will take it easy because he lived his HS coach buddy. Otherwise I think he would put up 90-100.

Auburn will score as much as they want to.

I say forfeit

163 - 2

We score when they run ball out of end zone while in victory formation in 3rd quarter

I’d rather not.

Forfeit your fandom then.

We will not score unless it’s by the defense.

I’m not sure we can get off the bus without giving up points.

It will be the biggest mismatch in SEC history with their defensive line going up against this offensive line I’ve never in my life seen such softness. They will be just as bad as they want to

Auburn just tweeted. “We are only going to play our scout team next week”

I’ll revise my prediction, 93 - 2

72 -6 malz will want to rest a few players and get a look at some freshman we will score late and miss the extra point.

72-0 Auburn