Predict how Arkansas does the next 4 games (Poll added)

Florida: Loss
LSU: Loss
at Mississippi State: Win
at Missouri: Win

I actually think there’s a decent-to-good chance they go 3-1 but I don’t know which of the two they’d win and would pick Florida and LSU. But I could see 3-1.

How do you guys see it playing out?

(takes a long cold drink of kool-aid)

Florida: Win
LSU: Win
at Mississippi State: Win
at Missouri: Win

We are gonna win out!

I sometimes wonder if I have a kool-aid bong around here.

I sorta kinda agree with you…but your scenario is too easy!
Split at home and split on road…I dunno which ones though :sunglasses:

Surely don’t think the Razorbacks can defeat Fla or LSU. Too many good athletes and too much speed.

If the team that went to Auburn is the new norm then I’m not sure they will beat even MsSt or Mizzo.

I think 3-1 with a loss to LSU as things stand now. I may amend that after seeing LSU play Alabama. That’s really the first test the Tigers will have since the coaching change. I posted in another thread that I think Arkansas is the best team Florida will have played, and the Gators have a freshman QB on the road. They just haven’t been tested much and Bielema’s teams are typically pretty good after open dates.

I don’t see any way that Arkansas loses to Mississippi State and Missouri. I know both are on the road, but those teams are bad, especially Mizzou.

I also agree. At the start of the season, I predicted 7-5. Hope I’m wrong.

I’d take a split with UF/LSU in a heartbeat. I think there’s a chance we win both but I’m afraid winning either is small. I think we beat both MSU & MU

Lose both home games
Win both road games…
That’s weird!

2-2 or 1-3 with Mizzou being one I just can’t see us losing.

Worry our defense will make the MSU QB look like the second coming of Tim Tebow. Figure that one will be a high scoring shootout

Del Rio is a redshirt soph

Meant to type first-year starter and freshman came out. :oops:

Florida - We haven’t beaten Florida since we’ve been in the SEC. They have a very good team this year and we have been very inconsistent. I see very little chance of our defeating Florida and believe there’s a better chance that we get defeated badly.
LSU - LSU is far more talented than we, but we’ve had good success in this series. Still, Ed Orgeron is on a mission and I would not expect to win this game.
Mississippi State - Earlier, I would have told you that the probability of winning this road game is high. But we will likely be on a losing streak when we arrive in Starkvegas and will be in danger of just throwing in the towel; plus Bielema has never beaten Miss St. Still, we should win this game.
Missouri - The Tigers are bad, and we should win this game regardless of what we’ve done in the previous three games.

Summary: Win two, lose two.

BB seems to thrive in November when most of us are ready to throw in the towel

Still don’t think he can sweep these 4 but he has proven me wrong before but I’ll stick with 2-2 and the OL/DL will determine the outcome

3-1 with the loss to LSwho

1-3, beating Missouri; look guys this is just not a good team. Defense is absolutely awful, the worst in division one.

Win-win-win-win----this is November

1-3…this is a really bad team.

Not sure what you guys have seen from Fla to make you think they will beat us. The best team they’ve beaten is Kentucky, and Kentucky hasn’t beaten anybody. IMO, people are putting way to much significance on the buzzsaw we ran into at the end of an 8 week grind. I’ve said for weeks we will win out after the break. When LSU gets curb-stomped by bama, they are going to fold up their tents.

I think there is a better chance they go 0-4 than the other options.

I could see them beating MO but MO has pretty good receivers, get rid of the ball quick and run up-tempo spread so I could also see Lock shredding us for 500 yards and 6 touchdowns

3-1 with loss to LSU.

Florida losses by 10 at Tennessee and barely beats Vandy at Vandy (13-6). Not sure why everyone thinks they are so good…

If we play the way we have played at certain times this year, think we can win easily. If the team that showed up at Auburn comes to play, then Fla wins. I predicted Double OT win so think it will be close and could come down to long FG.

Think LSU wins by 10 or more, but depends on how bad they get beat up by Alabama though.