Predict conference record

For fun.
Home 13-2
Road 10-5

Last year I think the hogs were
14-1 at home and 4-11 on the road in conference play

I would take that record in a heartbeat.

If we went 23-7, it would be by far our best conference record since Van Horn has been here. The SEC has lots of good teams, though, and I don’t think it will be nearly that good. I like how we’ve started, but there is still a lot of improvement to make. We won’t really know how good we are until we start playing conference games.

18-12. The Hogs have been picked by the pundits to be middle of the pack. Many of the other SEC teams are much more experienced than our Hogs. We play Vandy on the road; that could be three losses right there. We’re fortunate to not play Florida and we get LSU at home.

The Hogs finished their first six games at 5-1. But they did that while playing teams that represented the nation’s #165 schedule. That’s the 11th weakest thus far of the SEC teams. Our nonconference games are extremely weak this season, especially those before the SEC games begin. We certainly didn’t blow out the Trojans. Eastern Illinois is now 0-5, they’re not winning many games. So, we’re not getting a good picture by our early season wins.

I’ll add the performance by SC’s lefty on Saturday shows that our Hogs better learn, fast, how to hit breaking pitches.

Nobody is going 23-7 in the SEC this year.
In fact, I think 23 wins is the all time record for any SEC team

I appreciate your enthusiasm for this team, but there is little chance of going 23-7. I would be really happy with 19 wins in the SEC. We still have questions, especially with the bullpen.

17-13 18-12 schedule is brutal and there are some great teams in our division.not really sure about our starting rotation right now.

I’ll take your word for that being the record, but even if it’s not, I agree that 23 wins is an awful lot to expect from any team playing in this conference. I’d just like to win the conference outright for a change. Obviously, the more wins the better, but I’d like to win the league even if it’s with a 17-13 or 18-12 record. Wouldn’t mind winning the SECT, either, but that’s less important to me since it can tire a team before the NCAA.

As for my “for fun” prediction, I’ll go 19-11 SEC. Then I want to go undefeated from the first game in the regional through the last game in Omaha.

23 it’s not the record I think LSU or Vandy a few years ago won 27 I think.

I think a 23-7 record would be the best Arkansas has ever had in the SEC, and I don’t think this is that type of team. I typically expect more along the lines of .500. Arkansas won the division at 18-12 last year and Florida won the conference at 20-10.

I’ll say 16-14. That sounds “bad”, but in this conference, it’s still pretty darned good. It will get us to the Tournament as a 2 seed.

And we usually over-perform in the Tournament.

I’ll say 16-14 this season. I’m guessing last year’s team is at least a few games better than this year’s.

For historical perspective:
Conference records under Van Horn:
2003. 14-16
2004. 19-11. CWS team
2005. 13-17
2006. 18-12
2007. 18-12
2008. 14-15
2009. 14-15. CWS team
2010. 18-12
2011. 15-15
2012. 16-14. CWS team
2013. 18-11
2014. 16-14
2015. 17-12. CWS team
2016. 7-23
2017. 18-11
2018. 18-12. CWS team

Best Arkansas SEC record: 1999. 22-8. (Only time to win 20 regular season games in SEC)