Pre-season rankings and lists

… are always wrong. Here’s another one.

Yeah how you cannot have LSU ranked number one is beyond ridiculous with the team they had coming back and the additions they made.

Hogs get Tennessee in Fayetteville but we have to go to Baton Rouge.

I don’t find fault with anyone who predicts Tennessee No. 1. It has all three starting pitchers back from a dominant team, including what looks like the best pitcher in the upcoming draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are four or five first-round picks playing on that team right now between the 2023 and 2024 drafts.

Yeah I had forgot about them having all their starters back. They lost quite a bit of offense but with that staff they should be able to be very good. I still think LSU probably has the better overall team.

Looking forward to getting baseball cranked up and the question marks removed.

The writer who put this thing together fails to impress me! Enough said!

Pre season stuff means nothing…

Yeah that’s very true because it’s all based on mostly what you did last year and what additions you have made this year.

This weekend will tell us a whole lot about our team which will be good for us in the long run rather we do good or not so good. We just need to play somebody else who hasn’t seen us and put us in pressure situations that we have not been in to see kind of how we react to it.

Whatever people may want to say about Tony you can’t deny the man can flat-out recruit.

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