Pre-season concerns....

Blew up in our face last night.

  1. O-Line…recruiting misses killed us.
  2. LB…recruiting misses killed us.
  3. Speed - got to have speed

I love these kids but those are the facts. Hopefully some of the red shirts will mature and step in the gap and our 2017 recruits will step in those holes.

Last night was the perfect storm. They had the players and were well coached. And I’ll give it to Gus…he didn’t try and run up the score.

One the positive side…we can win any or all of our remaining games.

And the sun came up this morning. Wow… :wink:

Right about the recruiting misses, and it remains to be seen if there is any help (talent, incl speed) anywhere in the underclass groups.

Right now there are five teams in the West Division that are decidedly out recruiting the Razorback coaches. Those five are each, arguable maybe, fielding a better team than the Razorbacks. We are 1-3 against that group to date. In the East Division there are at the least three teams that are signing better classes than the Razorbacks.

If we want to compete at a high level something has to change. Obviously that has to start with signing better players.

Coaching up may work in some conferences but I’m becoming more convinced that it may not work in the SEC.

That’s only 8 teams. CBB is averaging 10th in the SEC recruiting. So, I think we are doing a little better that your frustration is letting on.

How could we have so many O line misses in first three years of his program if that is the case?

That’s his DNA.

I have to believe it is underlying issue with program in SEC

It is hard for Arkansas to overcome recruiting disadvantages we historically have.

Auburn and Bama and Florida and Georgia and and and…have built in recruiting advantages we do not have.

Need innovative ways within the law to overcome or we will have these discussions for another twenty years in the SEC