Praying hard for Hamlin's quick and complete recovery -------

-------------------- and I also think this may be a water shed moment in the history of football. While football is floundering to enhance protection against head injuries, we just watched a legal football blow stop a supremely healthy athlete’s heart on national TV. The receivers shoulder and helmet struck Hamlin’s chest, not his head. Will this now lead to enhanced protection of the chest and heart area mandated in new equipment? What about runners who lower their heads to drive forward? Should they not be ejected for targeting when that creates a helmet to helmet blow? Players are being taught to “tackle with the face mask up” which may allow the runner then to strike their chests with shoulder pads or helmet. Will that now be outlawed? I wonder how may parents of young boys watched last night and now will stear their sons away from football forever?


To our knowledge, this has never happened before in pro football. What caused this players body/heart to react the way it did? That is what we need to find out.

Commotio cordis is the most likely explanation. If a blunt force trauma to the chest happens at exactly the right millisecond in the cardiac cycle, it can stop the heart immediately. Could be a baseball, a hockey puck, a punch or a football helmet. Could also happen to any of us who got hit in the chest with something at exactly the wrong time.

This is a special young man.


Update as of right now:

$3.8 million. And climbing.

My dear friend and rodeo buddy had this happen in Heston Stadium in Pine Bluff in the mid 70’s. His name was Sydney Boston. He was the Forman for the Steiner Rodeo company one of the top PRCA producers in the 70’s. Sydney was a fellow steer wrestler who was loved by all in the PRCA family. In the steer wrestling competition that fateful night just as Sydney slipped off the horse the steer stopped (in rodeo this is called sitting up) with his head catching my friend in the chest. Sydney never moved and was taken to Jefferson Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Later (I assume after an autopsy) they found he had severe heart disease which induced by the blow gave him a massive heart attack. A large number of his friends sat outside the emergency room at the hospital in shock and tears. I pray that Hamlin makes a full recovery.

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There have been several players paralyzed playing the game but people still play. As far as we know, this is the first time for this to happen. While I think it will probably contribute to some kids not playing football, I don’t expect a mass number but more of a gradual number quitting or not taking up the game.

In the NFL, yeah. I mentioned last night I remember reading about a high school kid who broke through to block a punt and either took a football or the punter’s foot to the chest and it killed him. Which is what we saw last night, except it seems to have been Tee Higgins’ helmet or shoulder.

That was before AEDs though; maybe that would have saved the high school player’s life.

Oh Danny, that had to be traumatic for all who cared for him.

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Nice video of Hamlin. And to think some on Twitter are spreading rumors that cardiac arrest was a result of him being on drugs and some antivax folks are saying cardiac arrest was aided by COVID vaccine he had received.

Yeh, and some folks on Twitter don’t believe the Holocaust happened and we never actually landed a man on the moon. Hyperventilating and jumping to such broad strokes is shallow and divisive. Bad water to choose to swim in.

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Seems, as often the case, rather than focus being on the real priority, this time the health and recovery of this young man, people want to be opportunist to present an agenda, This happens across many issues and tragedies and also presents an opportunity for those who want to point it out, both distracting from the real priority. So apologies for my contribution to the distraction and prayers and well wishes for young Mr. Hamlin.

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