Prayers needed please........

All are in my thoughts and prayers.

Been through it, too, my friend, and prayers helped immensely. Prayers here for you and your lady…

Lifting up Don and Fred’s families and all who need healing, comfort and peace. I pray this special time of year with it’s mysteries and miracles will bring you what you need. Merry Christmas!

Hope she gets well, soon.

PRAYERS to you and your family.

Mark10:27, God Bless

Prayers and faith sent to you and yours… let 2018 be one of joy.

Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family.

Best Regards,

Prayers lifted. I have been where you are. If you would like to reach out, please pm me. You are not alone.

Prayers going out to both your families. Praying for recovery for both your wives.

Prayers for both of your wives and you, stay strong in your faith. WPS


done, my wife just went through 3 days of a very critical situation, she is better now, the prayers we got from family, friends, and church positively helped.

Thanks to you all!!!1

Praying for both of you guys and your wives. May God bring healing and Comfort and may you be made aware of His presence

Absolutely, Don.

Thanks, guys!

You got it Don …

Glad to do it. Prayers sent for both families.

Don, you have my family’s prayers.