Prayers needed please........

I’m normally not one of the big prayer guys on the boards but at this time I need all i can get.

My wife has been pretty sick for a long time and recently took a turn for the worse and the news is not getting any better.

I fell for her in 1980 and we have been married for 33 yrs now.

Not sure I can survive myself without her and any prayers for her and our family sure would be appreciated.

Thank You

Praying for strength and healing…

I’m in the same situation, brother. It’s very hard. You have my prayer right now. We will make it.

You got em guys.Praying for both of you and your wives.


Don and Fred, Ca prayers out to you both.

Prayers Don.

Definitely praying for both you and your wife!

Prayers sent for both of these men and their wives. It’s tough given the time of year.

Prayers going up for both of you men, your wives, and your whole families during this critical time in your lives.
God bless both of you and praying for peace and comfort from our Lord and Savior!

Praying for both of you, wives and families. I know exactly what you are going through.

There’s just not any words I can say. I am so sorry you, your wife, and family are having to go through this. It makes me so sad for you. Prayers for everyone.

Be strong, boys. My prayers have been sent.

Prayers for your wife to be healed. And prayers for comfort and grace for you and your family.

Blessings Don…

So Sorry Don…prayers for a full recovery.

Prayer for your wife and you.

Prayers for both of you and your families.
Hope for health and more precious time with
your family.

You got it Don - may our prayers be answered in this holiday season…

Prayers for you both, for Healing and Peace and Comfort for your Family’s.

You have my prayers. May you and your bride bask in the warmth of God’s healing love during this Christmas Season…