Prayers for Wendy Anderson....

Who is the wife of Blake Anderson coach of Arkansas State. The cancer she has been fighting is now in several masses in her brain. Blessings & prayers to the Andersons and the Arkansas State family. So sad.

This is just awful news no matter the person. I have been through this with my mom and it is just awful. So sad to hear this and sending up prayers immediately!!

Prayers for her and coach Anderson

Horrible. I’m sure she is a young woman. Makes it all the more tragic.

Coach Anderson is one of the classiest guys in the profession.

I believe his wife is just under 50.

Cancer knows no age these days.

My wife passed the day before her 41th birthday because of the terrible disease.

Recently saw a 25 year old passed because of it.

As the saying goes, Cancer Sucks.

Yes it does. Prayers sent

Very sad news. Prayers for this family.
Words fall short. Mind numbing.

I only had three first cousins. I lost one of them to brain cancer (thank heavens her sisters are still with us). She suspected something was wrong when she backed into a light standard in a parking lot.
My prayers for the Andersons.

Prayers for her and her family… I lost my wife to cancer at 52… my best friend is battling cancer currently. Seems like it affects everyone at some point and does indeed suck.

My prayers to the Anderson family.

Many prayers to the Anderson Family.
I lost both parents to lung cancer. It shows no mercy sometimes.