Prayers for the nursing home in Monette

Can’t imagine.

Prayers! So scary.

For us out of staters, tell us what happened, please.

Tornado. Bad weather all evening in Arkansas. Mostly in eastern Arkansas.

Praying for everyone involved!!

Prayers for all those families! I have family members in Jonesboro I can’t get ahold of!!

Prayers for all the families with loved ones in this terrible storm area.

Yes. Kentucky was hit terribly hard too. Maybe 50 deaths. Just devastating. Prayers for all of these folks.

It was a horrific evening. Long day. Started with 911 call at 5 am that my daughter had been beaten and was in a domestic standoff in Bull Shoals. Long story but 911 dispatcher and sheriff in Baxter County erred on name. Got bad info (or not enough info) from caller at scene. Name was a little off. Dispatcher searched data base and came up with her maiden name. I’ll not go into all details. Too crazy. It was enough for me to get in truck with two loaded guns.

Her husband was on duck hunt in Mississippi. He got the call from dispatcher. His call to Becca unanswered. By the time I got to her house we had reached her. She was holed up in her bedroom with her duck gun. Confused. But safe.

Dang I wish some left their phone on ring at night. Maybe she will going forward. Her not answering freaked us.


That’s an unimaginable call to get!

The weather in Arkansas this time of year can be so unpredictable and dangerous. I still remember the tornado outbreak in January 1999. Will be watching to see how we can help with needs in a practical manner over the next few days.

OMG Clay - feel for you brother. That would add a few years to you….

Holy cow, Clay. I’m sure in the moment that was terrifying. Doesn’t exactly instill confidence in local law enforcement. And I don’t blame you for packing heat, initially anyway.

At the risk of turning this into something unintended by the OP, there nothing wrong with carrying a sidearm all the time. There is a stigma attached created by partisan agenda driven media that needs to change.

Gosh Clay. That’s horrible, I have two precious daughters too. I’d be packing for sure. Glad it was a false alarm. Prayers for all those hit by the tornadoes. We took a direct hit in 2012. Terrifying beyond words.

Monette looks like a battle zone. Apparently that wind beat the Tuscaloosa record with 283 wind. Can’t imagine.

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Let’s not go there. Like many things, it’s very complex and situational. I’m ok with some folks carrying. Others, no. There have been a lot of problems caused by guns. I’m a multi gun owner and even I recognize that. And I don’t blame the media for fostering the debate.

We’ll just agree to disagree on this one.

I don’t disagree with you that it’s not for everyone (convicted felons), but the stigma still needs to change. There’s not been one problem caused by a gun. It’s a tool. There has been problems with criminal activity and guns. Just like criminal activity and knives, and baseball bats, and vehicles, and all sorts of other things. There’s nothing wrong with law abiding citizens carrying daily.

I know this is a slippery slope so I’ll stop here. But it was your “at least initially” comment that probably could have avoided this whole topic.

I was a auto claims adjuster and worked the F5 OKC (Moore) tornado in 1998. I’ll never forget the amount of destruction and how wide the path was. We had cars that just disappeared. Vanished. Heavy equipment was just tossed around and wadded into what looked like tinfoil. I’ll never forget it.

I will pray for you Clay! It nice to know everyone is safe. Those crazy calls can sure put you under stress that drives you to do things you really don’t know what you’d do until it happens.
I carry a peace maker with me at all times. Scatter gun is the most effective!
Old buck shot followed by a slug!
And for close range you need to have a patience with a hand gun. Those can get you in trouble.