Prayers for Fred Talley

I hope he can leave his troubles behind and find new purpose and fulfillment in his life. As he did on that fateful day on the plains many years ago. May he leave his worldly, demon tacklers behind and grasping at nothing but thin air.

I am with you eaglehog5. I often bring up Fred Talley’s name when talking about the greatest hog rushers, especially when playing Auburn. It seems to me that when he was a freshman, Houston Nutt had ideas of making him a d back and he did not start playing the running back position straight away. Either way, he was a great Hog. I hope he gets connected with some good people and gets on the right track. He gave us a lot of wonderful memories.

Fred was a punt returner his freshman year, and didn’t even do much of that. Of course Cobbs, Chukwuma and Michael Jenkins were getting the RB carries that year. Our main punt returner that year was Rossi Morreale, future reality TV star, but he only had 14 PRs in 12 games.

You’re 32 and still smokin weed? Come on Fred ! Hope he gets his life together. Yes, needs our prayers and the girl, too.

It sure doesn’t look good. Let’s hope he can shed the girl and get his life together. :pray:

Thanks for this prayer request it is very fitting and exactly what we need more on on this forum to God be the glory and prayers up for Fred and his family that demons flee from his mind and that he maybe becomes a productive asset to society and those around him