Prayer Request

My wife is right now having emergency brain surgery. She fell out this morning. She has bleeding and they have to reduce pressure. Please pray for her


Praying for her.

Will do. Keep us updated.

Prayer sent on her behalf.


prayers for your wife!! God Bless!!


Praying for doctors, your wife and you. :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Prayers going up.


Oh no. Absolutely praying.

Yes, yes.

Am praying for medical staff and complete healing and God’s peace and comfort

I already sent a prayer your way.

“Prayer is a gift that blesses you and those for whom you pray.” Dr. Norman Vincent Peale


I am praying for your wife. God is good.

Prayers to your wife and your family. Suddenly football seems unimportant.

Our sincere prayers for her and those caring for her. God Bless.

Prayers sent up.

Praying for the surgeons to be lead by God and strength to be given to you to ward off fear and stay positive! WPS