Pray for Power

We are struggling here in north Louisiana after Laura passed thru yesterday. She was a Cat 1 hurricane when passing thru our area, and we’ve lost power in many areas since yesterday. Lots of trees down on lines, so the utility companies are scrambling to get things working again. And it’s hot! I opened clinic yesterday morning and about 2/3 of my staff are without power or water at home.
The convenience stores and fast food places are crazy busy with gas pump lines stacked


God bless you and all down there hogdr. .

Feel for you man. When Isaias came through NC a few weeks ago my power went out for 8 hours and I was one of the lucky ones. A lot of my patients said theirs was out for 36 hours or more. Hoping your utility gets the reinforcements it needs to get you up and running soon,

Praying for you Brother :pray::pray:

Praying for you.
We got a few weak showers here in NOLA, we got very lucky.

My friend Todd Butler survived what was a direct hit. He now lives in Lake Charles. He’s senior associate AD at McNeese State. I saw him on national news this morning. Said his neighborhood looks like a war zone.

I may catch up with him for an interview this coming week. We’ve exchanged texts. He said the Lord watched over his family this week. No one hurt. He’s living with his mom while their new home is being built.

Storm removed three big oaks that construction crew planned to cut down next week. Left the three that he wanted to keep. Incredible.

In Norfork we lost power Thursday night for 7 hours. It was 73 outside during that period so we did not need air conditioner.

Prayers hogdr. We survived a F3 tornado in 2012. All we could do was lay over our daughter, two precious grandsons and pray. The Lord spared our lives but the destruction was unbelievable.

So many people have lost everything with Laura. Thanks doctor for your commitment to helping others.

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70 mph straight line winds snapped trees like toothpicks. Entergy is saying parts of our area may not have electricity restored until the end of next week. Our heat index today was 110! My wife did the online thing with Entergy and they estimate our neighborhood being restored Wednesday. Look at our forecast…brutal.
The good news…our clinics have power now so my staff can get in the cool AC at work. I have a backup natural gas generator at my new home(best money I ever spent and thank you Generac), and we’ve had neighbors and clinic folks drop by for a meal or showers. I really feel sorry for the young families down the road who have young babies/kids to deal with in this. Ugh. Makes you wonder how the old timers managed all those years ago with electricity.

I think the old timers years ago did not fare well. Actually I personally never lived in a home with air conitioning until I was an adult on my own. I remember in high school really appreciating window fans.

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