Pray for Loyd Phillips

I’m not old enough to remember Loyd, but I remember McKenzie (his son). Is he still around?

McKenzie is a store manager for Walmart.

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I’ve been in Walmart stores from coast to coast and in Canada as a part of my professional career. And spent a good deal of time with Store Managers and their bosses. It’s a tough job. Sometimes like herding cats. Most leave before retirement. Good to hear he’s okay. I remember his medical issues as a youngster. Great family.

Continued prayers for Lloyd and family.

Glad to hear he was moved to rehab. That’s really good news following a stroke. Praying for full healing for him.

More tough news for Loyd. He will be moved to Hospice tomorrow with hope for a drug to dissolve blood clots. He needs our prayers.

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Praying for a great Razorback…

May God bless Loyd

Prayers sent.

That’s so sad! Prayers for Lloyd and family.

Lloyd Phillips is among our greatest representatives.
What a powerful influence. Lord bless and bring peace
to all the family.

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