Practice tidbits: Rakeem Boyd is practicing....

as are transfer WRs Chase Harrell (6-4, 215) and Jimmie Stoudmire (6-2, 205)

Colton Jackson and Billy Ferrell - both injured - and Dorian Gerald (6-3, 260) - who is listed on the roster but obvioulsy not cleared yet - are not.

• DB Nathan Parodi (5-9, 160) Austin, Texas, Lake Travis
• DB Cameron Vail (6-1, 180) Bryant
• DB Simeon Blair (5-10, 201) Pine Bluff

• DE Griffin Hunt (6-4, 222) Lucas, Texas, Lovejoy

• RB Kasey Montrois (5-10, 189) West Palm Beach, Fla.

• WR Payton Ausley, (6-2, 176) Austin Texas, Vandergriff

• P Reid Bauer (5-11, 198), Magnolia, Texas
• P Matthew Phillips (5-10 180) Brentwood, Tenn.

• K Preston Stratford (5-10, 166), Baton Rouge, La. Catholic

• LB Terell Collins (6-0, 245) Iowa Western CC (Redshirted last year)

• DB Jayden Minchew (6-1, 190) Played at Springdale - went to Darmouth as a freshman

Have you heard yet whether Gerald has been cleared yet?

No, but he is here and on the roster so that should happen any day now

See bold.

If he had been cleared and everything official, he would have been on the practice field.

Dudley what is usual hang up in getting cleared?? doesn’t seem like it should very long at all to get that processed.

Arkansas has to approve his last class as does the SEC and NCAA.

I would guess he would be out there Saturday or Sunday from what I am hearing.

I don’t think the grade was posted until yesterday so it was more on him having to take that class than the people approving it in terms of any hold up.

The certification process always takes a day or two.

[quote]• DT Griffin Hunt (6-4, 222) Lucas, Texas, Lovejoy


Listed as DL - assume he’s DE

Coach Morris said tonight he expects Dorian on the field very soon, but he had to take care of the paperwork associated with it.

Kasey Montrois has got track speed…I hope the young man succeeds…