Practice Schedule?

How is that being handled, when and where. Is there any coverage of it?

These guys need to be on the floor passing the ball instead of dribbling, shooting and making FTs and layups! When they go to the line, each shot is a must and the first one is just as important as the last. You cannot win in this Tourney missing FTs. You cannot just throw any of them up there.

I don’t think they just throw any of those FT’s up there. But to your point they should work on them.
I expect a better % at the line next game. In fact I expect better % from the field (more points in the paint), less TO’s, more offensive RB’s to.

They got a lot of practice time. JD & JWill should be 100% as well.

All the teams in the Dance are practicing on one of the 12 courts set up at the Indiana Convention Center, which is in that downtown cluster of hotels, Lucas Oil Stadium and Bankers Life Fieldhouse. With 68 teams needing court time on one of those 12 courts, you’re not going to get unlimited practice time (no, we can’t go to a high school somewhere, because COVID).

There are also 6 weight rooms and 68 team rooms set up at the convention center. This is the ICC setup:

Wow sure makes social distancing sound challenging :crossed_fingers:

They literally have traffic cops and stop/go lights in the tournament bubble to keep teams apart. Each team has its own floor of the hotel (one person per room). As teams lose and leave Indy, they’ll take some of the practice courts down and have more space available for the remaining teams.

I only count 11 courts on that diagram above. Either the diagram is wrong or the story attached to it was wrong. But there does appear to be more space for a 12th court at the bottom.

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