Practice Schedule

Where could I find the spring practice schedule?


The remaining practices are March 26, March 28, March 29, April 3, April 5, April 7 and April 9.

never have understood why you start something and then take basically 2 weeks off! make no sense it will be like starting over again the next time they practice.why didn’t we wait to after spring break??

Great question You! That’s what I was sort of getting at…

I asked so here it is. One, he wanted to get started with the players as soon as possible. This was as soon as possible after the 6-week conditioning period. Two, he wanted to finish as soon as possible to get in another conditioning session before the end of school. Three, he wanted to finish spring and get plenty of time for both coach-to-player meeting, coordinator-to-player meeting and then head coach-to-player meeting. Four, if someone is injured, it gives them about one month longer to rehab it and be ready for the summer workouts and August camp. Five, it gave them something to show recruits as soon as possible and a reason for high school coaches (who want to learn from Morris and his staff) to bring their players to campus (and that has major recruiting benefits). Six, it provides an early start to recruiting and the May evaluation process.

The thought among coaches about practicing before and after spring practice has its pros and cons. I known the cons. You have a gap in the middle of it. But I know there are pros, too. I’ve heard from coaches that players can forget some of what has been installed. I’ve also heard that with the modern day computer systems there is a gap there for them to look at everything again and absorb it a little more.

I have not seen anything that Chad Morris has done that I argue about. It’s been constant motion and everything he does fits in his well conceived plan.

I had lunch today with a retired coach, Louis Campbell. He watched practice yesterday with his old friend, Bobby Allen. Bobby explained to him some things I had been told, too. Louis saw the benefit of it in many ways.

Basically, Morris invites high school coaches to come to campus and spend the day. When they arrive, they are given access to a tape room for around 3 hours. At 1 p.m. they are allowed to meet with position coaches in their offices. At 2 p.m. they are allowed to sit in the meeting rooms when coaches go over the day’s practice with players. Of course, then they filter out to watch practice.

Any high school coach who does not take advantage of that is literally crazy. Chad has said several times that high school coaches should ask his coaches for their favorite third-and-5 play, or whatever. I think the high school coaches should all ask, because they are probably going to see that play next fall. Just joking, sort of.

6 in one half dozen in another I guess.The goal is to look good in Sept not April I suppose

Coach Morris is the head coach. I am buying into what he is selling. Clay’s explanation makes perfect sense to me, particularly the longer period after spring ball to think about and get ready for fall camp. If I were a player, I would want to know as soon as possible where I stand with regard to the depth chart and what I need to do to improve. Also, for those players who are contemplating a transfer, this gives them a few extra weeks to work on that, not that that is one of the coach’s reasons for early practice.

I figure there will be some disappear after spring ball. Not sure who because there is no depth chart yet. But in the next two weeks, there will be a cut down in reps for some of them. It’s been split evenly to this point. It won’t be over the next two weeks.

I have an in-law relative who is good friends with the family of one of the current hogs. The family says the young man is not very happy with being a hog right now. That tells me there are some that may want to play elsewhere come fall season time and/or beyond. The young man is not from Arkansas.

Nothing like 4th hand news.
I am betting you can go to any program and find a malcontent player who feels unappreciated and is told by all they know how awesome they are. They transfer and some do well and some fade into history.
This is the ultimate common tale.

There are some that would be addition through subtraction.
Sorry, but it is true.
I liked CBB, but he had numerous recruiting misses either by evaluation or development issues. I doubt anyone leaves that has a chance to star.

That is true for 95% of the programs out there. Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson - those teams could probably “stand pat”. But even they “lose” some players between seasons.

It’s just part of the process. Unless it is excessive, I don’t see anything unusual or unseemly about it. Indeed, in many cases a young man who just wouldn’t see the playing field where he originally signed is able to play quite a bit somewhere else. Win/win.