Practice obvservations - 8/7

– Austin Capps, Deon Stewart, Colton Jackson and Billy Ferrell were in yellow jerseys. Stewart is a new one. Offensive lineman Ryan Winkel was in a green jersey on an exercise bike with Capps, Jackson and Ferrell.

– Cole Kelley ran with the first-team offense during 11-on-11 work. He was far and away the sharper of the quarterbacks again. He hit Jeremy Patton with a couple of nice passes, one in which he dropped in along the sideline and over Santos Ramirez’s head for 20-25 yards. Ty Storey looked shaky to me. Montaric Brown had a really nice anticipation play on one of Storey’s passes and broke it up. D’Vone McClure, coming off the edge, tipped the pass after it came out of Storey’s hand.

– Connor Noland underthrew Jordan Jones on a deep ball down the far sideline. Second day in a row a quarterback has underthrown the speedy receiver after beating his defender. John Stephen Jones bobbled a snap and defensive lineman Nick Fulwider recovered. Fulwider is a clone of Deatrich Wise, number and all.

– Brown’s PBU and Derrick Munson’s forced fumble of T.J. Hammonds were the defensive highlights from what we were able to see. Munson ran with the second and third defensive units.

– To cap off each drive during the 11-on-11 portion, kickers Connor Limpert and Preston Stafford both missed on 45-plus yard field goals. Limpert missed wide left, Stafford wide right.

– Other notes: Chevin Calloway was back returning punts. Shane Clenin appeared to be back at first-team center.

• The defensive line certainly looks the part with guys like Nick Fulwider - who looks like an NFL defensive end - and Jamario Bell there now to go along with more of the holdovers. I’ve had more than a few people come up and talk excitedly about the group’s overall look.

We’ll see if it translate to production, but DE and DL coaches Steve Caldwell and John Scott look to have a good group to work with - and that doesn’t even include obviously the banner ones Arkansas has commits from 2019.

• WR Kolian Jackson appears to be moving around just fine. They are being cautious with him in terms of stress, but he looks back to the athlete that Arkansas thought he was when they signed him out of high school.

• S Montaric Brown - wearing number 21 - broke up the pass Scottie referenced and also show athleticism and major cover skills in the drills we got to see in the first 20 minutes of practice.

The secondary has much more athleticism than it has in years past. Look bigger, faster and should be able to play more of the coverage that fans have been clamoring for the last few years. Put simply, not as much 15 yards off the WR.

• I’m going to get used to those drones flying over our heads during practice yet, but I’m still not as of yet. I’m sure it gives them great coverage and film angles to study.

• The stadium renovations appear to be at a point to where they are just about done., In terms of parking, we’ll be glad when they do. There is just a ton of people over here around the football center and practice fields.

Great stuff. Thanks guys.

Question: Placekicking sounds like it continues to be shaky at best. Can they bring in any more walk on kickers once school starts, or are the two practicing now it?

totally agree on Fulwilder been impressed with him since I saw his tape Courtre alexander as well.both are players!
funny story about Drones I had never heard of them until a couple of yrs ago we were playing a big Private school and they brought theirs over to our field and I didn’t even see it until it crashed into the Goalppost I was like WTH!! was that! :lol: :lol:

Thanks Scottie and Dudley. Hanging on every word out here in the Texas Panhandle!

There will be at least one more kicker join the team after school begins - Chris Lopez, a junior from Rogers. The fact that he isn’t in camp, though, tells me he isn’t likely to compete for the job this year.

Is Chris the stocky little kicker who pooched a couple through at the Spring game? That kid was accurate but lacked distance. Is it too late to get a junior college kicker? Soccer player? Help!

Yes, that is him.