Practice observations - 8/16

– Top thing from Day 12 is more injury news. Working with the second team offense, running back TJ Hammonds went down with a left ankle issue. He was brought off the field by two members of Arkansas’ training staff and screamed a couple times in frustration. He had his initial ankle tape removed, had the ankle re-taped then jogged on it for a bit behind the turf end zone nearest Walker Pavilion. When we left the open portion of practice, Hammonds was icing the ankle and I overheard him say he was OK. We will find out more when Chad Morris speaks today at 1 pm.

More to come.

– First-team receivers running alongside Ty Storey today were La’Michael Pettway, Jared Cornelius and Gary Cross. Second unit included Mike Woods, Tyson Morris and Jonathan Nance with Cole Kelley.

– Cole Kelley hit Tyson Morris for a big play over the top of the defense between the hashes. Appeared to be a secondary bust, particularly with Myles Mason. TJ Hammonds was injured on the ensuing play on a run up the middle. Defensive players, when Hammonds first hit the ground, were gesturing that they had recovered a fumble.

– More injury updates: Dalton Wagner was back on the field today wearing a green jersey. Right guard Johnny Gibson said yesterday that Wagner was kept in the building. He did not participate in the walk thru. Jeremy Patton was in shorts and a t-shirt again today, but looked to be moving around better on it. It didn’t appear he was favoring it very much at all. Running back Rakeem Boyd was in a green jersey also, but was running through individual drills and catching passes out of the backfield. EDIT: Ryan Winkel was on the field in green, not Wagner.

– Maleek Williams continues to look really good. He picked up around 15 yards on a strong run up the middle. If you’re not bringing it when trying to tackle Williams, you have no shot. Remember, back in the spring, Randy Ramsey said Williams reminds him of former Texas star Ricky Williams in terms of how hard and angry he runs. I think Maleek is truly going to make an impact this fall.

– Former Razorbacks players Ken Hamlin and Jake Heinrich were at practice today.

Jake Heinrich better be careful about attending practice. He could find himself drafted into service very quickly.

Please note the edit in the original post regarding offensive linemen at practice.

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