Practice observations - 8/15

Wednesday was a largely uneventful day for Arkansas. We walked into Walker Pavilion right as things were getting started and the whole team was in shorts and t-shirts - some guys even wore hats. Today, Day 11, was a recovery day for the team. Here, though, is what I picked up from our viewing period.

– Brian Wallace was back and participated in the walk-through. He worked at right tackle. Jeremy Patton was at practice, but did not participate. He wasn’t wearing a walking boot, only socks and shoes, but was pretty heavily favoring his ankle. We did not see Dalton Wagner on the field today.

– The Razorbacks worked on field goal return, too. De’Vion Warren was back in the end zone as if he were catching the missed field goal attempt. They also ran through some fake field goal passing stuff, and Jack Lindsey manned that.

– Onside kick coverage: Left side – Chevin Calloway, Bumper Pool, Scoota Harris, Nate Dalton … Right side – Austin Cantrell, Dre Greenlaw, Santos Ramirez, Kamren Curl and Ryan Pulley, plus two kickers.

They continue to hit all the areas of special teams. I’m told that their concentration on special teams both on the field and in meetings has been extremely thorough.