Practice notes + observations - Aug. 8

  • Arkansas again started practice with the Attack Drill. We could see what was happening this time. From what I could tell, Mike Woods reached the tackling dummy after fighting through receivers De’Vion Warren, Jordan Jones and Tyson Morris.

The tight ends also got their turn, and Chase Harrell showed off the muscle he added this offseason by getting through Trey Purifoy (6-7, 246), Blake Kern (6-4, 256) and Hayden Johnson (6-2, 248). I kind of wonder if placing Harrell in the drill was a test from the coaching staff to get him to bring it from the jump today. He worked with the second team on Wednesday. We didn’t see any live work today.

  • Quarterbacks worked with running backs on screen plays and wheel routes. Nick Starkel and KJ Jefferson both threw great balls down the sideline to A’Montae Spivey and TJ Hammonds. Coaches got on to Spivey a bit because he lost spatial awareness and his first step after catching one of Starkel’s throws was out of bounds. All running backs were at practice today. I’m impressed with Arizona State transfer Trelon Smith almost every day. He’s quick and shifty.

  • Defensive players also went 1-on-1, but that was tough to see. I’m almost positive I saw senior defensive lineman Gabe Richardson put freshman Collin Clay on his backside. During group work, TJ Smith was mentoring Enoch Jackson after each turn on the sled. He was attentive. TJ is a good one to learn from.


Freshman defensive end Eric Gregory wore a walking boot on his left foot during the open portion of practice. He missed practice on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Offensive lineman Luke Jones, who wore a green no-contact jersey at Wednesday’s practice, was back Thursday in red, which is typical for offensive players.

Notable absences

TE Hudson Henry (concussion protocol)

DL Isaiah Nichols (concussion protocol)

DL Nick Fulwider

OL Ricky Stromberg

WR Daulton Hyatt (hamstring, according to Chad Morris)

DB Micahh Smith (unknown, also dealt with wrist injury in spring)

OL Noah Gatlin (out, ACL)


Notable absences

TE Hudson Henry (concussion protocol)

DL Isaiah Nichols (concussion protocol)

What does the “concussion protocol” entail; and how long would they be out from practicing?

I forgot about Fulwider, he’s the huge kid who still had tons of room for muscle, with the giant dad. I was really excited when we signed him, but haven’t heard about him since.

is he healthy? still excpected to contribute?


Is the transfer from Arizona St eligible to play this year?

Not sure why he wasn’t present during the open portion of practice today and don’t want to speculate. Yesterday, Fulwider was running with the second team defensive line alongside Matatio Soli, Jonathan Marshall and Jamario Bell, which tells me the coaches like what he’s bringing.

He is not.