Practice notes + observations - Aug. 20

Arkansas opened today’s practice with some live work. Here are the first, second and third teams on both sides of the ball, plus what happened:

1st offense
OL (L–>R) Myron Cunningham, Kirby Adcock, Ty Clary, Ricky Stromberg, Dalton Wagner
Receivers were Treylon Burks and Mike Woods. Arkansas ran with two tight ends - Chase Harrell and Grayson Gunter
Nick Starkel was at quarterback and Rakeem Boy joined him in the backfield.

1st defense
DL: Gabe Richardson (lined up over Cunningham), TJ Smith, Sosa Agim, Dorian Gerald (lined up over Wagner)
LB: De’Jon Harris and Bumper Pool
DBs: Jarques McClellion and Montaric Brown at corners; Kamren Curl and Joe Foucha at safety spots; Greg Brooks at nickel

Notes: The offense began its three-play series backed up against the goalline. Starkel completed a short pass to Burks on the first play, Boyd carried for a short gain, then Starkel threw a bit behind Woods on a slant. It was a catchable ball for Woods.

2nd offense
OL (L–>R) Brady Latham, Silas Robinson, Beaux Limmer, Shane Clenin, Ryan Winkel
Receivers were Jimmie Stoudemire and De’Vion Warren. The two tight ends in the formation were Blake Kern and Hayden Johnson
Ben Hicks was at quarterback and Chase Hayden was the tailback.

2nd defense
DL: Mataio Soli (lined up over Latham), Isaiah Nichols, Jonathan Marshall, Jamario Bell (lined up over Winkel)
LB: Grant Morgan and Hayden Henry
DBs: LaDarrius Bishop and Devin Bush at corners; Brenden Young and Myles Mason at safety spots; Micahh Smith at nickel

Notes: Again, the offense began its series of plays backed up. Hayden began the drive with a short run, Hicks threw high for Warren near the right sideline and then threw incomplete to Jimmie Stoudemire on the left side of the field.

3rd offense
OL (L–>R) Chibueze Nwanna, Drew Vest, Austin Nix, Silas Robinson, Dylan Rathcke
Receivers were Karch Gardiner and Shamar Nash. Tight ends were Hudson Henry and Trey Purifoy.
John Stephen Jones ran with the third unit and A’Montae Spivey was at tailback.

3rd defense
DL: David Porter (lined up over Nwanna), Marcus Miller, Enoch Jackson, Zach Williams (lined up over Rathcke)
LB: Andrew Parker and D’Vone McClure
DBs: Britto Tutt and Hudson Clark at corners; Jalen Catalon and Simeon Blair at safeties; Nathan Parodi at nickel

Notes: Offense was backed up. Jones completed a pass to Gardiner, who turned up field and likely would have picked up a first down if not for whistles, Spivey bounced an inside run off of Nwanna and picked up 10-15 yards it looked like, and Jones completed a nice ball to Nash on a corner route to end the first period of practice. Nash beat Hudson Clark on the play, and Jones put it right on him.

Other notes: Players working punt return were Jalen Catalon and Montaric Brown. LaDarrius Bishop worked at the spot, too, on Monday. Kickoff returners were Chase Hayden, Rakeem Boyd and Nathan Parodi. Impressed with the hang time on Sam Loy’s punts.


Freshman receiver Trey Knox was not on the field for the open portion of the workout again today. Chad Morris revealed he was sick on Monday. TJ Hammonds was back in a standard red jersey today. He dealt with a concussion last week and was in green on Monday. Devwah Whaley did not participate in the live period, but was running and working with quarterbacks on screens and wheel routes later.

Offensive lineman Colton Jackson (foot) has been at both practices this week, but he did not go through the live period to begin the day. Sophomore OL Audry Horn, from Little Rock Catholic, was at practice in shoulder pads today. Still no Austin Capps.

Cornerback Jarques McClellion was back in green today. McClellion wore green multiple days in Week 2. We’re hoping to have some clarification on him this evening when Chad Morris meets with reporters. Greg Brooks (thumb) was in standard white.

Notable absences

WR Trey Knox (sick, 2nd straight day)

WR Jordan Jones (high ankle sprain, out 2 1/2 to 4 weeks)

WR Deon Stewart (ACL, out for season)

WR Koilan Jackson (knee, possibly back at end of this week)

WR Kendall Catalon (knee)

OL Austin Capps (knee sprain, should be back this week, according to Morris)

TE Cheyenne O’Grady (minor injury, had surgery last week; hoping to be back by start of game week)

DE Eric Gregory (left foot, out several weeks; replaced on camp roster by former Farmington HS player Reid Turner)

WR Daulton Hyatt (hamstring, replaced on the 110-man roster by freshman receiver Brett Nabors)

OL Noah Gatlin (out, ACL)

That’s bringing it. Great info.

Agreed, great stuff!!

Best practice report of the fall.

he came in with good ranking, and is a coach’s son, I thought he was a center?

I’ve been wondering where he was, interesting he’s at guard now. has he moved? or was he always a guard? I’m glad to hear he’s 2nd team at any position.

also thought Catalon would either start or 2nd team, should we read anything into him at 3rd, or is this just typical coaches trying to push buttons?

Great report, Scottie, I love your practice summaries!


Excellent report, thanks.
You carried over from basketball with all flaps up.
Good job indeed.

Silas Robinson did not play center in high school. He was a QB until the 11th grade. He played OT and OG. He did not play some yesterday, but played guard with the second team. He’s played both this fall. He has lacked consistency with the snap.

I would have to say that JSJ won the report as far as QB is concerned, Would that be amazing if he was announced as the starter? Whoever keeps the chains moving is who I want. Not the biggest arm, but the biggest playmaker…

Clay hit on the Silas Robinson part of your post. Jalen Catalon, from checking notes and everything I remember seeing in the open portion of practices, has ran with the third unit. The first team (Joe Foucha, Kam Curl) and second team safeties (Brenden Young, Myles Mason) have remained pretty solid. Catalon was working with the 3s when he picked off John Stephen Jones and outran John Chavis for a touchdown. Even saw him with the 4s last week when he nearly intercepted KJ Jefferson. He’s working, and coaches are trying him - and a few other guys listed above - at punt return, which would be interesting.

How much has he played with the first team throughout camp?

Good stuff…thanks for reporting it!

Based on what I have read, sparingly, hard to tell if he is having success against the same competition as the others, but I did read that coach said he is moving the chains, as if he were having more success than the others, if you read between the lines.

Sure are a lot of WRs out, for varying lengths of time. Hope Jordan Jones comes back sooner rather than later. His success may depend on the pass blocking effectiveness of the line, giving him time to run free with that amazing speed. We’ve been waiting to him unleashed. Free Jordan Jones! (Wouldn’t that make a great poster?)