Practice notes + observations - Aug. 2

– Eric Musselman, Anthony Ruta and another member of the basketball staff showed up and took in the first practice of the fall.

– First-team offensive line (L –> R): LT Colton Jackson, LG Austin Capps, C Ty Clary, RG Shane Clenin, RT Dalton Wagner.
– Second-team offensive line: LT Myron Cunningham, LG Kirby Adcock, C Silas Robinson, RG Ryan Winkel, RT Noah Gatlin.
– First-team skill players: Mike Woods, De’Vion Warren, Deon Stewart, Cheyenne O’Grady and Rakeem Boyd/Devwah Whaley at running back. Trey Knox, Jordan Jones, Tyson Morris were at receiver with the 2s and they were joined by Grayson Gunter and Chase Hayden/TJ Hammonds.
– Ben Hicks worked with the first team, Nick Starkel second and KJ Jefferson/John Stephen Jones followed. We will have video of the quarterbacks on the site tonight.

– When the horn sounded signaling the end of a period, Arkansas’ strength staff, including Trumain Carroll, dropped down and did 10 push-ups. He said it was the idea of Lance Yancy, an assistant strength and conditioning coach. He previously worked as a GA and was an intern at Texas A&M prior to his time at SMU under Chad Morris.

– There weren’t really any surprise absences today. By my count, there were 17 offensive linemen at practice. I did not see Audry Horn, Logan Kallesen and Drew Vest, though.

– Just another couple of observations: I walked in and one of the first players I saw was Matatio Soli, and he noticeably is carrying around much more muscle than he was in the spring. It was kind of stunning. KJ Jefferson is the same way. He is 6-2, 228 pounds, according to the roster. He looks like a grown man.

– Treylon Burks, Jalen Catalon and Britto Tutt were all wearing knee braces.

Updated: Tyson Morris was the third receiver working with 2s. Apologies for writing Jordan Jones twice.

after months of waiting, we are in camp!!!


• It doesn’t really mean anything in the big scheme of things, but they sure look like a more fit football team overall than what I have seen on the first day in a long time.

You used to see plenty of belly. Not so much this year.

I’d say from the look of things that Trumain Carroll and his staff got accomplished what they need to.

• All the running backs, including new additions A’Montae Spivey and Trelon Smith, look to be in great shape. A’Montae Spivey has that running back lean. Looks like he is going forward even when he is standing.

• The coaches have been bragging on Chase Harrell. He does indeed look the part of a tight end now at 250. Bet he didn’t think that would be the case when he transferred, but who knows, maybe he’ll pull an AJ Derby.

• Whether he is 282, 293 or 304, TJ Smith doesn’t look to have any body fat on him. Trumain Carroll pointed that out the other day and it looks accurate.