Practice notes and observations - Sept. 24

Arkansas’ practice took place inside Walker Pavilion on Tuesday afternoon. A few notes from our 20-minute viewing window:

  • The Razorbacks worked plenty of special teams in the early going, particularly punt coverage. Barry Lunney was the man in charge there. One of the gunners on the punt coverage team was Simeon Blair, and John Chavis took a moment to correct a mistake following one of the last reps.

  • Arkansas also did its thud period in the second five-minute segment of practice. Nick Starkel was QB1 and joined in the backfield by Devwah Whaley. It appears Rakeem Boyd is still feeling the effects of a right leg injury that slowed him late in the game on Saturday. He wore a sleeve over his right calf today. A’Montae Spivey ran with the 1s behind Whaley.

  • The first-team offensive line was (L–>R) Myron Cunningham, Austin Capps, Ty Clary, Ricky Stromberg, Dalton Wagner. Koilan Jackson, Mike Woods and Tyson Morris were the first-team receivers, and Cheyenne O’Grady ran at tight end. Woods, O’Grady and Morris each caught a pass from Starkel during the 1s vs. 1s. O’Grady’s catch was over the middle of the field between safeties Joe Foucha and Kam Curl and went for a nice chunk of yardage.

  • With the first-team defense, the only change today was Hayden Henry working alongside De’Jon Harris at linebacker. Bumper Pool did not participate in the period.

  • Ben Hicks led the second-team offense and completed two of his three pass attempts. His receivers were Karch Gardiner, John David White and T.Q. Jackson. The running back with the 2s was T.J. Hammonds, who has returned after serving a four-game suspension to begin the season. He was among the first two players on the fields outside Walker Pavilion today. He was amped up to be back in the fold. Chase Harrell worked at tight end with the 2s.

  • The second-team offensive line was (L–>R) Brady Latham, Kirby Adcock, Shane Clenin, Beaux Limmer, Ryan Winkel. Adcock and Winkel both saw time against San Jose State, filling in at left guard and right tackle, respectively, for Capps and Wagner.

  • Not much change with Arkansas’ second-team defense aside from Britto Tutt occupying the cornerback spot opposite Devin Bush, and Jalen Catalon at free safety. LaDarrius Bishop had consistently been the No. 2 in the first four weeks, but he did not show well against the Spartans last weekend. Catalon played a handful of snaps Saturday, too. Looks like he’ll be more in the mix. D’Vone McClure and Grant Morgan were the linebackers with the second group.


  • Freshman receiver Treylon Burks (concussion protocol) was back at practice today wearing a green jersey. He did not play on Saturday. Morris said Monday it appears he is progressing just fine following the injury, which took place in the middle of last week. Senior offensive lineman Colton Jackson, who is also in concussion protocol and wore a boot on his right foot Saturday, was present, too. Neither player took part in the team period, but did go through position group work.

  • Pool (clavicle) was in green today and did not particulate in the thud period. He did, though, go through position drills with Chavis and the linebackers. Hayden Henry looked full go, and wore a black sleeve on his left leg as he did on Saturday. Montaric Brown, who missed the San Jose State game with what Morris described as a muscle strain, was back and ran with the 1s on defense.


WR Trey Knox (hip)
WR De’Vion Warren (concussion protocol)
RB Chase Hayden (unknown)
WR Jordan Jones (high ankle sprain; day-to-day, Morris said Monday)
WR Daulton Hyatt
DE Dorian Gerald (strained artery in neck; out for season)
WR Deon Stewart (ACL; out for season)
OL Noah Gatlin (ACL; out for season)

I realize SJS is a premier MWC team, but i was told that Bishop will be an All SEC performer. What gives?

I noticed that both were in at the same time. Do we know if that was because of injury or was it to give them some experience and the starters some rest?

Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever said that. He can grow to be a solid player in time, but he has a ways to go.

Ryan Winkel entered when Dalton Wagner went to the injury tent and the locker room for a brief period. I’d bet the staff was also giving Adcock time to give Capps a breather. He has dealt with knee and ankle injuries since fall camp.

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Is there another story for Hudson Henry? It’s been what, 7 weeks? That’s unusually long for concussion protocol.

Hudson Henry isn’t in concussion protocol anymore. That happened very early in camp. He just isn’t ready yet, according to coaches. Chad Morris was asked about him the Monday after Ole Miss. He said, talking about true freshmen and Henry, “We’ve got to continue to bring them along and get their confidence and get their knowledge and understanding of what we’re asking them to do.”

Hmmm, that’s a surprise to me. He was our highest ranked recruit. I thought he’d quickly move into the #2 TE and have some sets with CJ and Hudson on the field together.

Hudson doesn’t look physically ready to me… nothing like Hunter as a freshman.

Sadly, we haven’t had a game where we could get the new players meaningful reps so that they can play in 4 games and still redshirt. With 3 of our 4 non-conference games in the book, the only way to get them playing time will likely be in the second half of games against the power of the west. And yes, that does mean I think we’ll lose some of those games by big points. I’d hate to be a K.J. Jefferson and get my first snaps against Alabama’s defense.

LaDarrius will be a solid player. I do not recall All-SEC ever being mentioned. He played last week because Montaric Brown was out. Not because of any other reason. He will play better next time. Both Brown and Brooks are still learning.

This is a good example why “instant success is not walking in @ Arkansas anytime soon.” These three are four star recruits, some of the best recruited at their position in a long time. Many fans think that means they will walk in and play flawlessly/effectively against other talented players with 3-4 years of more development, experience, and seasoning. It just don’t work that way. So, if we are struggling with positions where we recruited well, at least last year, imagine how we will struggle where we did not recruit that well last year and even worse in the years before…offensive line, defensive line, linebacker, safety, etc.

From last Friday

I wonder what Richard sees that you don’t Scottie?

Well, I don’t want to speak for RD, but having covered his recruitment I’m sure he saw a lot of potential and playmaking ability. He did say, “before he leaves.” I don’t doubt LaDarrius can become a great player. He’s still young and still learning.

The guy is a RS freshman. I stand by what I said. People inside the building think the same.

If he doesn’t become All SEC before he leaves I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong.

Some folks just figure “why wait, it is more fun to assume you are wrong now. Besides, you might be right and then we would miss the fun of wallowing in negativity. Better for them to start the negativity now and not miss out.” :angry:

I understand why fans are on edge, Sat. was a major embarrassment to the program.

I would hope we could debate without making it personal.

who has made it personal? You think LB will be all sec. I don’t. I’d like to know why you think he will.

Not making it personal, but I’d like to hear why you think he won’t.