Practice notes and observations - Sept. 14

Arkansas practiced outdoors today and went in shells. Here are a few takeaways from the opening viewing period:

• I stood on the offensive field today, but caught a few glimpses of the linebackers working on the turf. I thought Bumper Pool and Grant Morgan moved around well today. Pool brought some good energy, had a bounce in his step and looked to be advising/encouraging teammates when he wasn’t running through drills.

• True freshman Eric Thomas, who began the fall at linebacker and briefly moved to tight end then back to linebacker, was working out with defensive ends today. Marcus Henderson continued getting reps at tight end. I saw him make a few catches on air from the quarterbacks. I could hear coaches and teammates urging him to turn upfield with greater urgency after the catch.

• Got a pretty good look at the quarterbacks today, especially Feleipe Franks and KJ Jefferson. I only saw Franks throw one incomplete pass out of 10-plus attempts against air to receivers and tight ends, and I believe it was a drop. I thought Jefferson was pretty sharp, too. Overall, I didn’t see many passes hit the ground. T.J. Hammonds made a nice lunging catch on a deep ball down the left sideline. I couldn’t see who threw the ball, but it was a great effort and show of speed on Hammonds’ part to bring it in.

• Here is how the offensive line looked during position work:
First group: LT Myron Cunningham, LG Brady Latham, C Beaux Limmer, RG Luke Jones, RT Dalton Wagner
Second group: LT Dylan Rathcke, LG Jalen St. John, C Shane Clenin, RG Drew Vest, RT Noah Gatlin … Freshman Ray Curry was also getting a few reps at right tackle from what I saw

• Players we will talk to via Zoom tonight: A.J. Reed, Beaux Limmer, Blake Kern. I believe we are also going to get special teams coordinator Scott Fountain on Tuesday in addition to players.

Sooooo glad to hear that Bumper is playing. he was missing for about 14 days there…

Man, I’d love to hear that Stromberg was playing, he disappeared sometime last week. This is going to be a very, very odd season.


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Hate to speculate but it looks like he may be in Q. Hope not. Have not heard anything re: Draper, Hornsby in a while either

Malik Hornsby looked pretty good today in the little bit of his work I took in. I mainly focused on Franks and Jefferson this afternoon.

Did you see Hudson Henry? With all this talk about TE and physicality, I haven’t heard him mentioned in a while.

Yes. There’s not a lot of substance to what we’re able to see in those 15-minute windows, so it’s kind of hard to say what he is or isn’t doing well. I’ll try to get a better look at him Tuesday.

We just talked with Blake Kern, who is very much in the mix for the starting job at TE. He said he feels like he’s ready to make a jump. Going to be interested to see if he’s able to bring more than run-blocking to the table.


Thanks again Scottie. As usual you seem to take in a lot in the short times you get to observe practices.

What about Koilan Jackson?

Koilan Jackson will probably be the back up to Trey Knox.

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