Practice notes and observations - Oct. 8

The Razorbacks practiced outside Walker Pavilion on Tuesday. Beautiful day. Here are a few notes from the 20-minute open viewing period:

  • Senior defensive tackle McTelvin Agim was at practice and participated in the team portion of the workout in period No. 2. He is wearing a bulky brace on his right knee, and prior to the team segment it was clear he is not used to wearing one and that it was uncomfortable to move around in. But, as Chad Morris said Monday, he is as close to full go as he can be, and it will take something substantial to keep him out of a game.

  • There were only two players in green jerseys Tuesday, a marked difference from less than one week ago. One of them was starting center Ty Clary, who was placed in concussion protocol sometime after the Razorbacks’ loss to Texas A&M. The other was Peyton Ausley, a scout-team receiver who has not seen the field this season. Receivers Trey Knox and Mike Woods were both back and full speed.

  • Running back Chase Hayden, who had been in concussion protocol since Arkansas’ loss to San Jose State, returned to the practice field Tuesday. He is listed only as the third-string running back on this week’s depth chart. He has worked a bit at kickoff return in the past. He caught passes from quarterbacks during drills on air, but I do not believe he got on the field during the team period.

  • While Knox, Woods and Burks are back, receiver Jordan Jones, who since early August has dealt with a high ankle sprain injury that required surgery, was not present today. He was in green last week and trying to work his way back into the mix. Morris said Monday that having him at full speed would be a big addition to the receivers room. We’ll have to see how the rest of the week goes before finding out how, or if, he figures into the Kentucky plan.

  • First-team offensive line during the team period was (L–>R) Myron Cunningham, Austin Capps, Shane Clenin, Ricky Stromberg, Dalton Wagner. With Clary in green, he cannot participate in this part of practice, so Clenin stepped in. Senior offensive lineman Colton Jackson was not present. He has been in concussion protocol, according to Morris, but it appears Clary is a little farther along than Jackson.

  • Knox, Burks and Woods made up the first-team receivers early on, then De’Vion Warren and Tyson Morris jumped in. Cheyenne O’Grady and Chase Harrell manned the tight end spot for a few plays, and Rakeem Boyd and Devwah Whaley accompanied Nick Starkel in the backfield. Starkel threw an incomplete pass on the first play, there were a couple of short runs, then he led Burks a bit too much toward the sideline on a deep ball. Burks made the catch, but did not come down in bounds.

  • No surprises in terms of the first-team defense. Gabe Richardson, Agim, T.J. Smith and Mataio Soli made up the defensive line; Arkansas went with three linebackers: De’Jon Harris, Bumper Pool, Hayden Henry; defensive backs were Jarques McClellion and Montaric Brown at corner, and Kam Curl and Joe Foucha at strong safety and free safety, respectively.

  • Second-team offensive line was (L–>R) Brady Latham, Kirby Adcock, Beaux Limmer, Luke Jones, Ryan Winkel. Ben Hicks ran the second unit and was joined in the backfield by T.J. Hammonds. Grayson Gunter worked at tight end, and the receivers were Koilan Jackson, Warren and Morris (I believe). Hicks was intercepted after Warren tipped into the air a ball intended for him. Linebacker Grant Morgan caught the pass after juggling it for a moment. Hicks, after Warren later dropped a pass on air, yelled toward Warren to get it together.

  • Second-team defensive line was Jamario Bell, Jonathan Marshall, Isaiah Nichols and Collin Clay. Linebackers were Deon Edwards, who hobbled off the field following the series, Morgan and D’Vone McClure. Britto Tutt and LaDarrius Bishop manned the corner spots. Freshman cornerback Devin Bush was present. Myles Mason and Jalen Catalon were at strong and free safety.

  • Following each series in the team period, Connor Limpert made 37-yard and 45-yard field goals from the center of the field and right hash, respectively.

OL Colton Jackson (concussion protocol)
WR Jordan Jones (high ankle sprain)
WR Deon Stewart (torn ACL, out for season)
DE Dorian Gerald (strained artery in neck, out for season)
OL Noah Gatlin (torn ACL, out for season)

thx for the report, as always, Scottie.

Is there a new concussion protocol? we have heard this phrase A LOT this season, including these 2 oL this week, who had no visible collision. I know they get about 75 head-butts a game, but I mean they weren’t hit by a safety as they came down from a high catch.

just seems odd, how many players are having “concussion protocol” this season. And with the increased awareness of concussion, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if everyone had new protocols.


I’ve asked others before without a definitional answer. Can you tell us what the concussion protocol entails (its process requirements)?

I don’t have the specifics, but there is a series of tests as they go through the protocol. I don’t think we are going to get into the specifics of concussion testing. I have not seen the specifics of the NFL tests, either.

One thing to remember, you can get a concussion in practice just as easily as you can get one in a game. They may not be in full contact (tackle to the ground), but almost every day there is full contact with offensive linemen battling defensive linemen in one-on-one drills. That’s where some of these hits happen.

I talked to some former NFL players and they told me that they feared the practices when they were matched against teammates in line drills as much as the games. There can be more contact in a two-hour practice with o-line battling d-line as you might have in a game.