Practice notes and observations – 8/5

Arkansas’ football team went through its first practice of training camp on Friday. Here are some notes and observations from the first 20 minutes of the workout:

• Players in green no-contact jerseys: Offensive lineman Marcus Henderson and defensive back Jacorrei Turner. Sam Pittman said Wednesday that Turner would begin camp in the green top after suffering a shoulder injury this offseason. Why Henderson is in green is unknown at this time.

• Wide receiver Jaquayln Crawford, a transfer from Oklahoma, was on the field and appeared to be full-go coming off an injury this spring. It was announced in the spring that Crawford broke a leg during spring break and had a rod inserted as a result.

Crawford can bring another speed element to the Razorbacks’ group of receivers when healthy.

• I came away impressed with tight end Trey Knox’s appearance. He is carrying well the weight added since the end of last season, and he looks barrel-chested. Knox looked smooth at tight end and was the clear leader of the group.

• Another tight end who flashed in a short time was freshman Ty Washington. He already looks the part and carries himself well. He did throughout the spring. Catching passes down a sideline from tight ends coach Dowell Loggains, he made a nice one-handed grab, and later fluidly caught an over-the-shoulder ball in the corner of the end zone.

• What I could glean from position group drills. Offensive line (L–>R):

1 – Luke Jones, Brady Latham, Ricky Stromberg, Beaux Limmer, Dalton Wagner

2 — Devon Manuel, Jalen St. John, Josh Street, E’Marion Harris, Ty’Kieast Crawford

No real surprises with the first group on the offensive side. The top three receivers were Jadon Haselwood, Ketron Jackson and Warren Thompson. Knox was at tight end, Rocket Sanders at running back, KJ Jefferson at quarterback.

The second team was led by Malik Hornsby, then AJ Green at tailback, and Matt Landers, Jaedon Wilson and Bryce Stephens. The six receivers listed the names Pittman listed at SEC Media Days last month. Nathan Bax was No. 2 at tight end.

Biggest play of the team segment was from Wilson, who caught a ball from Hornsby roughly 35-40 yards downfield, beating second-team corner LaDarrius Bishop.

• Here is how the top three defenses lined up:

First team
DE: Jashaud Stewart
DT: Isaiah Nichols (wearing No. 33)
DT: Eric Gregory
DE: Zach Williams
LB: Chris Paul Jr.
LB: Bumper Pool
CB: Hudson Clark
CB: Malik Chavis
S: Simeon Blair
S: Jalen Catalon
Nickel: Myles Slusher

Second team
DE: Landon Jackson
DT: Terry Hampton
DT: Cameron Ball
DE: Eric Thomas
LB: Jackson Woodard
LB: Jordan Crook
CB: LaDarrius Bishop (wearing No. 11)
CB: Dwight McGlothern
S: Jayden Johnson
S: Latavious Brini
Nickel: Trent Gordon

Third team
DE: Dorian Gerald (wearing No. 23)
DT: Marcus Miller
DT: Taylor Lewis
DE: Jordan Domineck
LB: Kaden Henley
LB: Mani Powell
CB: Keuan Parker
CB: Khari Johnson
S: Anthony Brown
S: Zach Zimos
Nickel: Jaylen Lewis


Where is Drew Sanders ?

Hudson Henry?

Matt said he saw Drew Sanders. I trust him. I just missed him, I guess. Hudson Henry was present.

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Drew Sanders was working with the first team during the goal-line work right before we were told to leave. He might have been late; not sure.

Hudson Henry was the third-team tight end during the first drill of the day.

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Was disappointed to hear that Henry had an issue related to ‘conditioning’. Not to criticize but for whatever reasons the kid’s High school potential just didn’t carry over

Yes. It is just one practice, albeit in gym clothes. But you just wonder if he really likes playing football. Or is he just up there because his brothers played and excelled at Arkansas? I’m rooting for him, but I agree he hasn’t shown us a lot yet anyway.

Sam said Hudson might have had a conditioning issue but that he wasn’t sure. For all we know he could have gotten overheated. It was as hot of an opening practice as I can remember.

Until you’ve been through a football practice in August heat in Arkansas it’s hard to imagine. We did 2 a days in the 60’s. It’s been well over a half century for me and the memories are vivid.

I remember in the summer of 1980, which was brutally hot in Arkansas and Texas, we were playing Texas on Labor Day night in Austin. Keith Jackson brought an ABC crew to Fayetteville to shoot some pregame stuff the previous week. They were disappointed that the temperature on the turf at RRS was “only” 110. Two or three days earlier it had been considerably higher. And game night itself at DKRMS was not that bad either.

IIRC, the temperature got over 100 like 45 straight days in Arkansas that summer. And I had a summer job which in part required me to climb on the roof of a factory that itself was producing heat. It must have been 130+ on that roof. We managed it as best we could by doing our roof work first thing in the morning and staying up there as little as possible, which was generally 10-15 minutes.

Aloha Jeff,
You’re correct again. Very hot summer in 1980. Killed off all of our neighborhood’s fox squirrels including our family’s favorites. Texas had it worse than us. Not that I felt sorry for them.
UA…Campus of Champions

I was still living in Neosho, MO in 1980. My Pointer, Elly, had a litter of puppies that year. It was really hot, so hot that I’ve never forgotten.

It was worse in Tulsa in 1980. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen since. Sarah was born on July 17. We went by a bank sign on way to hospital at 11 am. It said 109. I can’t recall the official temps that day but it was a horrible summer outside of Sarah’s arrival. We could not get our duplex below 78 after about 1 pm. We rarely used the oven.

Hudson said he has asthma and was having breathing difficulty Friday.

Good information. Thank you Matt. I had asthma when I was younger, and it is miserable. I feel sorry for him and T. Burks for having to go through that. Looking forward to seeing Hudson play some good football this year.

Austin is at 21 days in a row of 100 degrees or more this year. 2nd highest on record with 2011 being #1 at 27. We are at 56 days total over 100 and it may be into the 100’s well into September. Pair that with my long covid and it has been an absolutely brutal summer down here.

I grew up in the HVAC business and heard about the summer of 1980 my entire life. It was legendary.

IIRC, 2011 actually broke a few of 1980’s records. Thankfully my air conditioning repair/replacement days were long over by then. 140 degree attics and rooftops aren’t any fun.

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