Practice notes and observations - 8/30

Arkansas went through its first practice of game week Monday afternoon, splitting time between the indoor facility and the grass field outside Walker Pavilion. Here are a few notes and observations from the 20-minute period open to reporters:

• Sam Pittman said at his 12 p.m. press conference that the Razorbacks are a little more beat up than he would like less than a week out from game day. There were plenty of guys in green, but no real surprises: DB Zach Zimos, S Jalen Catalon, DB Myles Slusher, DB Kevin Compton, DB Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan, OL Ryan Winkel and TE Blake Kern.

• Did not see linebacker Hayden Henry at practice. He has been getting a lot of reps as the first-teamer alongside Grant Morgan in the Fastball Start work we’ve seen, and Henry is listed as an OR with Bumper Pool to start against Rice. John Ridgeway, as expected, was not present.

• Scouts or reps from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers were in attendance today. Teams represented at practice at some point in August is at least 16.

• Arkansas went through its Fastball Start again today. Here is how the top two units shook out for this segment:


KJ Jefferson
Malik Hornsby

Trelon Smith
Raheim Sanders

Did not play a tight end with the No. 1 offense
Blake Kern

Ketron Jackson
Kendall Catalon

De’Vion Warren AND Jaquayln Crawford
John David White

Tyson Morris
Warren Thompson

Myron Cunningham
Jalen St. John

Brady Latham
Luke Jones

Ricky Stromberg
Shane Clenin

Ty Clary
Beaux Limmer

Dalton Wagner
Ty’Kieast Crawford

Notes: In the Fastball Start, Jefferson had a productive couple of throws, completing one to Morris for a good gain. On the third and final rep, he hit Warren along the right sideline for what would have been a 20-25 yard gain, I believe. Warren is moving well on the knee he injured last season. Smith had a carry in-between the throws, picking up decent yardage running to his left.

Hornsby kept the ball and got to the left edge on his first rep, Sanders then carried and ran into traffic moving to his left, and Hornsby dropped back on his final snap but opted to tuck the ball and run left.


Markell Utsey
Eric Gregory

Isaiah Nichols
Taurean Carter

Zach Williams
Jashaud Stewart

Grant Morgan
Andrew Parker

Bumper Pool
Deon Edwards

LaDarrius Bishop
Devin Bush

Montaric Brown
Hudson Clark

Jalen Catalon
Nathan Parodi

Joe Foucha
Malik Chavis

Simeon Blair
Jayden Johnson

Greg Brooks
Jacorrei Turner

Notes: Tre Williams and Dorian Gerald, two guys who are expected to factor heavily into the rotation on the defensive line, were present today but did not go through the Fastball Start. Pittman said Monday, too, that Carter and Nichols are two solid options at tackle this weekend if Ridgeway is not able to go. I did not see Trent Gordon, the transfer defensive back from Penn State, in the quick start. He’s a guy who I think can factor in at safety.

There’s a lot of guys who we are depending on have either not been at practice or have not been able to practice full speed.
I’m totally understand why Sam said we got a few more than we need to have. It’s very hard just to flip on the light switch and be where you need to be. We will see if we can do that Saturday

The good news with that is pretty obvious. It’s been a physical camp and lots of players have gotten lot of work. I think you build depth with this kind of a camp. For instance, I think they know what Jalen Catalon can do. Good to work younger players.

I don’t think Hayden Henry and Jalen Catalon will miss any tackles Saturday.

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