Practice notes and observations - 8/18

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Has McGlothern (3rd team), been a disappointment thus far? Or has he been injured some, and I just missed it?

Barry Odom mentioned today that he was injured a couple of days early on in camp. That was noteworthy. Wasn’t aware of it. He did have a hamstring issue in the spring.

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McGlothern will play if he’s healthy. He’s a good player and everyone on the team has confidence in him.

Thanks Matt

So, he’s healthy enough to be out there with the third team, but not the first? I realize the fastball series aren’t everything, but he hasn’t moved off the third team, to my knowledge.

Odom said today that McGlothern missed some practice time in the first week of camp and that he’s “making his way back.”

Again, don’t take everything from one period of practice as gospel. I think we all understand he’s not a third-team talent.

Yeah, I agree with that, just thought if he was able to go with the third unit, he’d be able to at least run once with the second unit! I know they routinely hold starters out, but not always go third unit. I guess we all just want to see him progressing up the chart.

He’s banged up. I think he will play plenty against Cincy. Plenty.

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